Synergy Transforms Aid Management in Seychelles Tatev Gyurjyan January 11, 2024

Synergy Transforms Aid Management in Seychelles

In a remarkable move towards improving aid management and transparency through technological advancement, the Seychelles government has launched an Aid Information Management System (AIMS) designed and implemented by Synergy. This cutting-edge system streamlines aid coordination, improves decision-making, and strengthens accountability in the allocation and use of foreign funds.

Seychelles, a beautiful archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean, has long been a recipient of development assistance from various international donors and organizations. While aid plays a vital role in supporting the country’s development goals, effective management and coordination have often posed challenges. To address those challenges, the Seychelles government commissioned Synergy for the design and development of AIMS in February 2023. This project aligns with Seychelles’ objective of achieving economic stability after the COVID-19 pandemic and is closely linked to AfDB’s Crisis Response Budget Support (CRBS) initiative.

Powered by Synergy’s IDM 8 platform, the AIMS project enhances Seychelles’ capacity to attract and manage international funds. It addresses gaps in aid management by creating a centralized repository for foreign aid data, promoting transparency in public resource management, and supporting the CRBS objectives of fiscal consolidation and debt management. The project focuses on strengthening the government’s aid management function, establishing a central database for foreign grants, improving aid data coordination, and enhancing the government’s capacity for balanced financing and payment obligations over the medium-to-long term. Synergy’s low-code technology reduces transaction costs and ensures sustainability through an enhanced country system.

This initiative represents a significant step forward for Seychelles in its post-COVID economic recovery strategy. It reaffirms the commitment to sound fiscal consolidation and efficient aid management. During a meeting with the Ministry of Finance on December 15, 2023, officials emphasized the crucial role of AIMS in managing a major aid donation following a recent disaster in early December.

Government officials responsible for aid management use essential AIMS modules such as Projects, Contracts, Donor Profiles, Foreign Donations, and Reporting to monitor data related to various sectors. These sectors include Finance, National Planning and Trade, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment. Through these modules, stakeholders record the details of the foreign funds received, allocate those funds across different projects implemented in the country, select donors, implementers, and contractors for those projects, track the project implementation, and generate various analytical reports based on the data in the system.

As end users start to use the system, Synergy remains dedicated to providing technical support for AIMS. Recognizing the system’s critical role in advancing aid management capabilities, Synergy pledges ongoing assistance to ensure a seamless and effective use of the system. The commitment extends beyond the initial implementation phase and focuses on continuous enhancements, addressing emerging needs and facilitating user training.

The AIMS project is Synergy’s 37th Development Assistance Database (DAD) and showcases the company’s commitment to employing technology for good.

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