Managing For Development Results dimarkwd June 16, 2022

Managing For Development Results

Managing Resources & Improving Decision-Making For Results

Over the past decade, the international community has strongly emphasized the concept of country-led and country-owned systems and processes for managing national development. From the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness to the present Global Partnership Effective Development Cooperation, there is momentous shift in favor of development agendas and results being driven by beneficiary countries.

During this period, Synergy has become a thought leader at the intersection of software and development effectiveness. Synergy’s globally recognized Development Assistance Database (DAD) is the leading software platform on the market for country-led management for development results. 15 years ago, we pioneered the notion of country-led aid information management systems (AIMS). And ever since, we have relentlessly pushed the boundaries by further empowering country governments with better technology and better transfer of know-how to ensure sustainability and genuine country ownership.

Harmonizing & Aligning Aid Delivery

Synergy’s DAD has powered over 35 country systems worldwide for managing for development results, including in emerging markets, post-disaster environments, and fragile states. The Indonesian government’s DAD, which Synergy urgently delivered after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami to help manage the post-tsunami reconstruction, was awarded Best Information Management System at the 2008 Asia-Pacific FutureGov Awards. Synergy’s DAD covers a wide array of government needs with respect to national development management, including:

  • External assistance tracking, coordination, and management
  • Public investment planning, budgeting and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation of development projects and results
  • Monitoring the performance of government agencies
  • State budget planning and management
  • Integration with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard, the international guidelines for publishing information on aid spending