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Become a Partner

How We Collaborate

Find out how we collaborate with companies and individuals to deliver results

We recognize the role of partnering for the successful completion of a project, and in establishing long-term strategic partnerships with various types of companies to provide the best value to our clients. We maintain a longstanding relationship with governments, major international organizations and local companies, advisory firms etc.


In order to precisely meet our customers’ business objectives and critical needs we constantly engage local firms to support us in our international projects. We often subcontract with local companies providing hardware, IT consulting or capacity building and training services thereby supplementing the solutions that we bring to our customers.


We constantly work with experienced consultants and subject matter experts to supplement the solution set that Synergy brings to its customers. We have cultivated and, continuously expand a team of talented experts who are passionately committed to working at Synergy.

Third-Party Vendor

We work with approved third-party vendors who re-sell Synergy’s software products and can supply to their own customers or companies. Apart from a license, we provide comprehensive training to the staff of third-party vendors thereby enabling full ownership and sovereignty over the platform.

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