Investigation Case Management Dimark June 14, 2022

Investigation Case Management

Perform Accurate Investigation, in Less Time, with Less Effort

Improve the investigation cycle, from crime reporting to evidence processing and intelligence analysis.
Track Case Effortlessly
Streamline Evidence Collection
Easily Connect to Third-party Systems
Improve Transparency and Insights

Streamline Case Investigation from Crime Recording to Intelligence Analysis

Synergy Investigation Case Management solution helps police institutions at all levels and ranks – district or regional police departments – automate and smoothen the entire investigation cycle.

Based on thorough research of real cases and applying best practices from various justice systems worldwide, Synergy’s solution is a complete toolkit of functionalities and key modules.

  • Ability to track recidivism through party identification and management
  • Online tracking of complaint/investigation through different states
  • Online storage of case documents ensuring authenticity and availability
  • Accountability and transparency through audit trail which records any information access or modification
  • Informed decisions based on real-time reports

Investigation Process Management

The solution equips investigators and police officers with the advantage of a streamlined end-to-end tracking of investigation processes from incident reporting to evidence collection, docketing, case finalization and review.

Customized to precise workflows, best practices and case models, this solution is key towards contributing to investigative effectiveness. When done right, it optimizes the entire investigation and supports case solvability.

Analytics and Insights

In most cases, analysis of incident and crime recordings plays an important role in generating additional valuable data that could increase the case solvability and prevent future assaults.

With this module, investigators and police are efficiently managing and visualizing large volumes of diverse data. Morphed into useful records, this data tracks the progress of ongoing case activities and extends the usability of initially documented data.

Key Tools for Investigation Case Management

Arrest and release management
Calendar and task management
Interrogations and interviews
Crime and law management
Evidence management
Document management
Seized items register
Advanced analytical reporting
Management of case parties
Search and seizure management
Summons and notices
Cash transfer management