A Unified Social Protection System

Social protection policies and social safety net programs are essential for any society seeking to reduce poverty and the vulnerability of its citizens by providing insurance, social benefits or social assistance transfers.

Synergy Auxilium enables effective implementation of social assistance programs through a 4-pronged approach – beneficiary identification, program targeting, social transfers & impact assessment through M&E frameworks. This helps to consolidate multiple schemes on a single integrated beneficiary management platform, thus enabling more equitable distribution of resources and increases efficiency.

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Core Capabilities

Beneficiary Registration & Verification

Using Synergy Auxilium, potential beneficiaries can apply online for social assistance via a secure web portal. Application forms are fully standardized and customizable to capture the precise data and information required by a specific safety net program.

Our e-Filing system helps social protection agencies organize all application forms, documents, and official files on a single, searchable registry, facilitating document management and retrieval. When internet access is unreliable, applicant data can be submitted and managed via multiple channels: online, offline and mobile (SMS and smartphone app).

Targeting & Automated Eligibility Scoring

Synergy Auxilium can help to ensure data-driven and equitable allocation of social assistance with automatic beneficiary eligibility scoring and payment calculation. Set and manage eligibility criteria including assignment of weights, value and percentages to specific criteria and automatically calculate eligibility.

Calculate the beneficiary’s eligibility for multiple programs simultaneously, as well as suggest a recommended assistance payment amount. Streamline approval processes with automated workflows for application processing based on official roles and procedures.

Social Transfer Payments

Synergy Auxilium’s payment processing and tracking functions can help you to carry out transparent, accountable and efficient cash transfers. Authorized officials can generate cash transfer payment lists based on program criteria, split payments, impose restrictions, and integrate payment data with third-party bank databases.

Managers can view, track and archive payment lists by program, beneficiary ID, date or amount, and import/export payment lists in common file formats.

Case/Grievance Management

Through the Case Management (or Grievance Redress) module, Synergy Auxilium supports the submission, processing and management of cases such as Claims, Grievances and Complaints. The Case form is used for entering the complaints, grievances or comments received from the beneficiaries.

Complaints are processed through the corresponding workflow. By inputting various scenarios of workflow processes, it is possible to identify cases that need follow-up from specific users/actors, depending on the case structure and the nature of the activity required to be implemented.

Results-Based M&E of Social Assistance

Rigorous monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of program performance is proven to enhance the effectiveness of conditional cash transfer programs and promote best practices and efficient social assistance.

Synergy Auxilium enables managers to establish M&E frameworks, indicators and M&E data collection processes. You can also access user-friendly data analytics to generate and save charts, graphs and maps quickly for export in a variety of file formats.

User & Access Management

Synergy has configured the Administration Centre so that no programming is necessary for daily administrative operations or for making changes. Administrators can easily perform various functions at the application layer, maintain the master parameters, modules, beneficiary and programme management, data privacy management etc.

Moreover, Synergy Auxilium platform provides robust user management capabilities that enables managing users and user groups, granting users and groups with access permissions to the system resources etc.


You can link Synergy Auxilium, a unified social protection information system, with other third-party systems to automatically import and export data, including National Registry, SMS operators and other portals for seamless data exchange.

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Featured Project

Social Assistance Management Information System for Timor-Leste

Supporting the administration of government social safety net programs in Timor Leste

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Our Partners & Clients

United Nations Children’s Fund
Barbados, Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs
Trinidad & Tobago, Ministry of Social Development and Family Services
The Bahamas, Ministry of Social Services and Community Development
Timor-Leste, Ministry of Social Solidarity