Prosecution Case Management Dimark June 14, 2022

Prosecution Case Management

From Pretrial to Trial and Sentencing, We've Got It All Covered

Effectively manage your caseload while reducing paperwork and eliminating case delays.
Record and Track Statements & Summons Online
Share Information Across Agencies Seamlessly
Eliminate the Duplication of Information
Generate Real-time Reports for Informed Decisions

Eliminate Backlogs of Unprocessed Cases

Synergy eCase integrates prosecution with investigation on one hand and with the courts on the other. It renders entire prosecution processes a paperless and flawless experience.

The complete set of sophisticated yet easy to operate modules of the electronic prosecution solution, enables justice professionals to work efficiently on core activities – case management and tracking – as well as case support services alike. As a result, they effectively manage their caseload, greatly reduce paperwork, and eliminate case delays.

  • Online record and access of statements and summons
  • Online record and access of statements and summons
  • Easy access to investigation case documents
  • Seamless information sharing across departments and institutions
  • Eliminating the duplication of information
    Informed decision making based on real-time reports

Prosecution Case Filing

Lodging a lawsuit online and proceeding with pretrial events, trial, and post-adjudication stages has never been more automated. With customizable, comprehensive modules for case entry and initiation, pretrial events, trial preparation and presentation, verdict and sentencing, prosecutors and support staff of all justice institutions proceed with directly filing cases electronically, anytime, anywhere.

With all its applicable functionalities, this solution upholds effective case filing and helps manage case participants, committed crime details, as well as derive and generate any type of e-warrants and orders required by the case.

Indictment Management

Offering a complete toolkit necessary for conducting procedures to bring indictment against the accused, Synergy eCase manages all relevant proceedings and documentation.

The module automates and manages forms, content, and services of all statements – summons, warrants, exhibits, and indictment documents for criminal offences – at all levels of detail.


Key Tools for Prosecution Case Management

Arrest and release management
Indictment and warrant
Interrogations and interviews
Crime and law management
Evidence management
Document management
Seized items register
Case combining and splitting
Management of case parties
Search and seizure management
Summons and notices
Cash transfer management