Court Case Management dimarkwd June 17, 2022

Court Case Management

From an Electronic Case to a Completely Paperless Court

Reduce case backlog, speed up case disposition, improve adjudication while providing a more accessible public service.
Enhance Record-Keeping & Reduce Delays
Conduct Sessions Online in a Single Environment
Benefit from Automated Workflows
Use Detailed Case Audit Trails for Informed Decisions

Modernize the Judiciary to Build Public Trust

Integrating all courts under one tech umbrella helps you efficiently handle cases from initiation to post-disposition. This helps minimize manual procedure, production of physical documents and human interaction.

  • Ability for litigants to electronically file and track cases in any court and wherever they are.
  • Virtual sessions that are scheduled and conducted in one single environment.
  • Online payment of court fees via card or mobile phone. 
  • Secure storage of all case information in one place.
  • Possibility to track the case via email and push notifications.
  • Collaboration environment for several people to work on the same case simultaneously.
  • Informed decision making using real-time reports and dashboards.   

Virtual Court

With Synergy’s embedded virtual court, you can transform a regular session into a virtual event that will be recorded and automatically saved within the case section.

The solution is fully integrated with Synergy eCase, which enables the automatic identification of court staff and parties during the online session. Moreover, the solution can easily replicate the courtroom set up and visualize it in the online session screen.

Judgment Execution

The judgment execution module tracks the execution of decisions taken by the court and enables the public to request execution of civil cases through bailiff services, tracking these requests from generation through execution.

This module can be used by court staff, the public, and the bailiff responsible for the execution, seizure of property, and auctioning, as the case may require. 


What Our Clients Say

“IECMS was handy in ensuring continued service delivery and access to justice. Everything pertaining to court continued with limited physical contact to reduce the spread of Covid-19 for example, communication between court and litigants through helpdesk which would have necessitated coming to court. Without IECMS during total lockdown, we would have a period of total shutdown of all court operations.”
Harrison Mutabazi
Inspector of Courts and Judicial Spokesperson, Rwanda