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Monitoring & Evaluation

Measure the Performance and Results of Your Organization's Mission-Driven Strategy

Track the progress of your programs and projects and aggregate results across your organization to understand your overall impact.

Achieve Strategic Alignment
Adjust the M&E Solution to Your Business Processes
Provide Visibility to Level Progress on Strategies & Initiatives
Use the Power of Dashboards & Visualizations

Strategy Execution

The ability to transform corporate strategy into concrete activities and measurable results is key to organizational success. But organizations often have difficulty assessing how well they are executing their strategies, largely for the lack of insightful actionable data on the performance and projects that make up their corporate strategy. This is where Synergy can help you and your institute.

Synergy provides the full range of software technology, services and subject matter expertise that organizations need, to launch their transformative journey from manual processes of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to an online environment of automated forms, real-time data, insightful analytics, rapid reporting, and results-driven decision making.

monitoring and evaluation system

Result-Based Performance Management

Monitor the execution of any kind of strategy regardless of how complex that may be. You can do so from the most granular level of specific activities all the way to the most aggregate corporate level. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) at any level of your strategy’s framework, measure KPI performance, and aggregate results as needed. You can also refine your framework on an evolving basis by changing or adding components and levels.

Effective strategy execution is also about quickly identifying potential performance gaps and immediately addressing them. With Synergy Indicata’s Monitoring & Evaluation solution, organizations can define threshold levels of acceptable performance to help management identify problem areas that need attention or correction.

Cutting-Edge Monitoring & Evaluation Tools

Corporate results frameworks management
Implementation framework management
Key performance indictors management
Data disaggregation and aggregation
Indicator performance tracking management
Actual data collection against baseline/target
Performance and results analysis
Document and form management

Webinar: M&E in Government and Nonprofit Organizations

What emerging innovations are shaping the future of monitoring and evaluation (M&E)? How does digital technology enable organizational effectiveness? What is the role of AI in advancing M&E? Synergy M&E Webinar Series examines the trends and important innovations at the intersection of M&E and information technology.