Integrated Case Management dimarkwd June 17, 2022

Integrated Case Management

Bringing ‘e’ to Justice Across the Globe

Improve the citizen experience and build a high trust society
Improved Efficiency

Benefit from automated workflows that guide users through daily activities and notify them of pending actions, improving overall efficiency

Improved Record Keeping

Automate and streamline manual procedures to enhance record-keeping and reduce delays and case backlogs

Decision Support

Take advantage of diverse analytical performance reports and detailed case audit trails for informed decisions and better resource allocation

Interagency Data Integration

Connect agencies and institutions seamlessly, improving communication and reducing the likelihood of delays and processing errors

Give Agencies & Courts Access to Paperless Operations

Synergy’s integrated case management solution links law enforcement, prosecuting agencies, courts, and corrections helping institutions and people, such as attorneys and litigants, communicate and engage more effectively.

It’s intuitive and frictionless, guiding users through the whole case lifecycle while letting you customize user access rights for each department, role, form, and stage of the case flow. There is no room for data fragmentation or misinterpretation with a fully integrated justice system and sophisticated analytics.

  • All case information from investigation, prosecution, lower instance courts, and correctional services in one place.
  • Increased interoperability and collaboration within the same case.
  • Easier tracking of individual information from investigation to corrections to efficiently identify recidivism.
  • Increased access to justice because citizens have a one-stop source for all cases.
  • More accurate and harmonized reports and dashboards, based on real-time data.

Key Tools for Integrated Case Management

Arrest and release management
Calendar and task management
Interrogations and interviews
Crime and law management
Evidence management
Document management
Seized items register
Advanced analytical reporting
Management of case parties
Search and seizure management
Summons and notices
Cash transfer management

Rwanda’s Justice Sector Integrated Electronic Case Management System Connecting all institutions belonging to the Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector in Rwanda

Webinar: Integrated Electronic Case Management System

In most cases, analysis of incident and crime recordings plays an important role in generating additional valuable data that could increase the case solvability and prevent future assaults.

With this module, investigators and police are efficiently managing and visualizing large volumes of diverse data. Morphed into useful records, this data tracks the progress of ongoing case activities and extends the usability of initially documented data.