Synergy Commences Work on Social Protection MIS in Haiti Tatev Gyurjyan January 26, 2024

Synergy Commences Work on Social Protection MIS in Haiti

Synergy is pleased to announce the signing of the contract and commencement of work on the development of the social protection Management Information System (MIS) for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour of Haiti (MAST). In November 2023, following a rigorous tendering process, Synergy, in collaboration with the consulting firm Papyrus, was chosen to undertake this important project.

In 2021, MAST launched the “Adaptive Social Protection Project for Increased Resilience” (Projet de Proteccion Sociale Adaptive pour une Resilience Accrue, PSARA) aimed at promoting its strategic and operational objectives as outlined in the National Policy for Social Protection and Promotion (PNPPS). This cash transfer program aimed to establish an adaptive safety net system to effectively respond to shocks. The program also includes a shock response component, as well as accompanying measures such as financial inclusion as well as health, hygiene and nutrition. With this initiative, MAST issued a call for proposals to select a provider to supply a digital tool for automating, managing, and facilitating social transfers.

The project envisions rolling out the social safety net Klere Chimen, which aims to assist vulnerable households with children under the age of five, expectant mothers, or individuals with disabilities by addressing their immediate food needs.

The process of digitalizing operations associated with the service delivery chain of the Klere Chimen program entails creating an integrated MIS. This system will be designed not only to expand but also to accommodate the requirements of potential future national programs. The MIS will be equipped to communicate with payment solutions provided by financial service providers, streamlining social transfers to the project’s target demographics, especially those most in need.

In 2021 and 2022, the World Food Programme (WFP) and MAST conducted comprehensive research both domestically and internationally. Drawing upon the comparative analysis of systems in countries facing similar socio-economic and human development challenges as Haiti, MAST has pinpointed the critical success factors for an MIS tailored to Haiti’s context.

This notable project will leverage the robust capabilities of Synergy Auxillium – Synergy’s proprietary social protection product. To be implemented in French, the project will mark a significant milestone in the Caribbean region, complementing to other social protection solutions developed by Synergy in the Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, among others.

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