Budget Preparation & Management dimarkwd June 16, 2022

Budget Preparation & Management

Effectively Plan, Implement & Monitor The National Budget In One Place

Budget planning and administration are at the heart of good public financial management of any country or organization. Preparing executing, and tracking budgets means managing voluminous financial data, which can create a cumbersome and time consuming budget process that hampers delivery of services.

An efficient budgetary process largely depends on the existence of multi-functional information system for capturing budget data. Such systems help to promote accountability and improve fiscal and financial discipline, by enabling thorough analysis of revenue and expenditure trends and components.

Promote Accountability & Improve Fiscal And Financial Discipline

Synergy’s Budgeting solution is the perfect solution specifically designed to help governments effectively plan, implement, and monitor the national budget in one place. It reflects international best practices in budget management, and encompasses the entire budgeting process, from budget preparation and negotiations all the way to budget execution and monitoring.

In SBS, business processes and technical workflows of the all the stages of the budget management are interconnected, providing necessary controls to ensure that the electronic management of national budgeting is carried out in accordance with government guidelines and scarce resources are appropriately aligned with the strategic vision of the country. By providing a single cohesive entry for budget data, SBS supports the implementation of transparency guidelines, allowing designated authorities to track and evaluate all aspects of the budget.