Integrated Beneficiary Management Tatev Gyurjyan January 24, 2024

Integrated Beneficiary Management

Managing the Delivery of Social Protection Programs and Services

The Integrated Beneficiary Management Information System (MIS) is used to manage and monitor social protection programs and services.
Address Transparency Challenges
Be More Accountable
Deliver Real-Time Statistics & Information
Make Data-driven Decisions

Enroll Eligible Beneficiaries

The MIS allows to make eligibility decisions by evaluating if a beneficiary fits the eligibility criteria for a specific social protection program or service. This involves digitizing the ministry business process to automate and streamline the decision-making cycle. 

The system enables ministries to determine benefits and service package that a beneficiary is eligible to receive based on their admissibility and unique needs.

The beneficiaries are then notified of their eligibility and onboarded into social protection programs and services.

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Provide Benefits and/or Services

The Integrated Beneficiary MIS allows to provide social security benefits and/or services to eligible recipients by managing the distribution of benefits and services to beneficiaries, tracking their receipt of benefits, and ensuring that the proper benefits and services are supplied.

The system is also equipped with a paysheet generation and reconciliation feature that enables automatic compilation of benefit details, creating a comprehensive record for payment processing, and systematic comparison of the generated paysheets with financial records to ensure accuracy and identify discrepancies before finalizing the disbursement.

Monitor & Manage

Through beneficiary monitoring, grievance redress, and compliance monitoring the ministry can ensure that beneficiaries follow program rules and regulations, address grievances, and receive the benefits and services to which they are entitled.

The process of terminating social security payments and services for beneficiaries who are no longer eligible or have completed their program participation is the final stage of the beneficiary management cycle.

Key Tools for Integrated Beneficiary MIS

Online & offline application submission
Beneficiary verification
Automatic beneficiary eligibility scoring
Automatic payment calculation
Payment processing and tracking
Grievance redress mechanism
Program performance M&E