Quality Policy Anna Sargsyan June 24, 2022

Quality Policy

Synergy International Systems, Inc. (“Synergy”) (“the company”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the www.synisys.com website (the “Service”).

Synergy Quality Policy is the primary source of information about the Quality Policy adopted by Synergy International Systems, Inc.

By adopting this policy, we aim at achieving the following goals:

  • To establish Quality Policy
  • To define QMS application filed
  • To define main normative documents needed for QMS (Attachment1. QMS Manual)
  • To define interaction of QMS processes
  • To create normative basis for elaboration and improvement of Company QMS
  • To create necessary conditions for continuous improvement of Company products and services quality, as well as for increasing effectiveness of the Company, client satisfaction level and loyalty, for reaching target economical results
  • To define QMS obligatory records

Unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, accessible from www.synisys.com

Overview of Synergy QMS

The Synergy Quality Management System is designed to help ensure that all employees within our organization are properly guided and are constantly seeking to fulfill the following key objectives with respect to our business:

  • Look After the Customer
  • Remain Committed to Quality
  • Solve Problems, Remove Constraints
  • Act Responsibly with Ownership and Urgency
  • Be Optimistic and Progressive

Definition of Goals

The following departments and staff should know and use this document:

Top ManagementCompany Executive management and partmers
Senior ManagementHeads of  Departments, PMs
QMS Manager

The Top Management has appointed a member of the organization’s staff who, irrespective of other responsibilities, shall have responsibility and authority that includes

Ensuring that processes needed for the quality management system are established, implemented and maintained,

Reporting to top management on the performance of the quality management system and any need for improvement,

Ensuring the promotion of awareness of internal and external customer requirements to the Company staff.

IMS BoardIntegrated (QMS and ISMS) Management System Board was formed, which is responsible for review / approval of related policies, procedures, and other documentation.

Overview of Synergy Quality Policy

Synergy International Systems, Inc., headquartered in Vienna, USA, is a global IT consultancy firm specializing in the design, development, implementation of management information systems (MIS) for Monitoring and Evaluation, Aid Effectiveness, Court Automation, Social protection and Public finance.

The Company’s quality management cycle comprises the processes applied:

  • across all assignments, including individual assignments
  • to people (training and induction)
  • through procedures and technical manuals

The quality management cycle applies to the Company as follows:

  • risk-based thinking in decision-making process
  • quality control procedures that are in place during the assignment implementation
  • retrospective reviews on selected engagements to ensure that the Company’s procedures are being adhered to and to identify any areas where those procedures require amendment in the light of practical experience
  • appropriate training of personnel regarding quality

Random inspections

  • The Company requires a sample of files for completed assignments to be reviewed by suitably qualified and experienced personnel on a periodic basis to confirm that:
  • the Company’s policies and procedures are met
  • the work was performed in accordance with applicable standards
  • personnel are aware of policies and procedures
  • File reviews will also identify issues where training or additional procedures are required.
  • For further details on company Quality Policy and engagement of management, see the QMS Statement of Applicability.

The detailed scope of the QMS is described in ISMS and QMS scope documents.