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Integrated Strategic Planning

Assisting Governments in Smart Planning & Sustained Execution

Streamline your strategic planning across all sectors, connecting the government and public sector organizations with Synergy's Integrated Strategic Planning solution
Streamline Strategic Planning
Enhance Communication within the Government Agencies
Improve Predictive Capacity of the Government
Centralize Reporting onto a Single Platform

Define Country's Strategic Planning Framework

In the contemporary world, governments are perennially challenged by human-made and climate-related issues. Such concerns oblige the governments to rethink their expenditures and make allocations based on relatively long-term goals rather than betting on short-term benefits.

Synergy’s Integrated Strategic Planning solution enables governments to improve their strategic planning and execution track record by setting up goals and objectives in a systematic, incremental manner. The goals are defined within the system in a tree-style manner, i.e. the responsible governmental agency first defines the nationwide pillars that make up the highest level of the tree, then puts the sector-specific and cross-sectoral strategic goals which subordinate nationwide pillars.

This tree-style, up-to-down strategic planning approach constitutes a country’s strategic planning framework which can be accessible for all state entities that are supposed to be involved in a country’s strategic planning process. Below the sectoral strategic goals, those entities, with granted access, insert their particular policy goals, specific objectives and measures, if applicable.

Integrated Strategic Planning

Measure Your Strategy Execution

Integrated Strategic Planning solution is intended to improve the predictive capacity of the government, by enabling governments to compare pillars, goals, and current achievements and based on the historical behavior indicate what is the possibility to achieve the goal on the deadline as well as spot the bottlenecks.

To measure the statistic development and actions made towards a particular goal, ISP encompasses state-budgeting, public investment management, and development assistance database components. With ISP adopted and implemented, governments can have real-time data ready for analysis and reporting. This capacitates the governments to adjust their policy at any given time and empowers them to improve resource allocation schemes.

Key Modules of Integrated Strategic Planning Solution

Program proposals & planning management
PIP progress and budget execution
Data disaggregation and aggregation
Automated workflow processing
Results frameworks management
Advanced data visualization & M&E reports
Document and form management
Collaboration & user management