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Project Portfolio Management

Synergy Indicata enables organizations to centralize programmatic data in one place and have a single source of truth about their portfolio of programs and projects. It also helps organizations standardize and streamline how they design, plan, budget, and implement projects.

Designed expressly for non-IT users, Synergy Indicata is a web-based solution that blends ease-of-use with raw analytical power to deliver a functional user experience. Indicata can be deployed as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premise.


Monitoring & Evaluation

Timely, accurate and relevant information is critical to effective management of your organization. With Synergy Indicata, you can measure your performance using your organization’s performance management plan (PMP), program hierarchy, M&E frameworks and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Synergy Indicata can operationalize any kind of enterprise data architecture regardless of how wide-ranging or complex that may be. Easily set baselines and targets for activities, define outputs, outcomes, impact and sustainability, and track progress toward those major goals.


Grant Management

Synergy Grant Management System (GMS) is designed to help Grant Makers and Grant Seekers manage their portfolio of grants, track the progress of individual grants and measure the social impact of their work. Organizations can administer the life cycle of grant-making, from evaluating applications and selecting the grantees to tracking the implementation and monitoring of grant compliance with budgets and performance goals. The Grant Seeker gains the opportunity to apply for grants online, manage the implementation and report progress and results achieved.

Using the GMS on both ends of the grant management process leads to improved information and time management, better compliance and greater accountability.

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Core Capabilities

Project Portfolio Management

Synergy Indicata allows users to create multiple portfolios and portfolio hierarchies. Our M&E software is inherently versatile and can render any type of programmatic framework. Its entire data architecture can be adapted and expanded as needed directly through its front-end user interface—in other words, without any back-end reprogramming.

Performance Management

Create results frameworks, define performance indicators, collect disaggregated data, and measure progress towards targets. Aggregate results across projects in order to evaluate the achievement of organization-wide strategic objectives.

Data Collection & Management

Make your data collection simpler and more efficient. Designed specifically for use in areas with limited or no Internet access, Synergy Indicata’s wide range of data entry features enable you to enter data in offline mode or through smartphones and tablets. An organization can fully manage and modify its system’s data structure, data entry forms, and workflows through Indicata’s frontend user interface.

Data Visualization & Analysis

Synergy Indicata is designed to make organizational data accessible and usable. Users can easily retrieve data, generate on-demand reports, view GIS maps, and create drill-down dashboards. Users can slice and dice data and save filtered analytical views for future one-click access. They can securely share dashboards, reports, and GIS maps with external stakeholders or export them to other formats. Managers can build predefined dashboards and other analytical views for specific departments, user groups, or project teams.

Automated Workflow Processing

Synergy’s workflow engine enables seamless automation of an organization’s data management processes, including the visualization and customization of highly complex institutional processes in an intuitive manner. This facilitates the automation of project management activities, such as formal approvals, data validation and monitoring of funding disbursement.

Security & User Management

Syenrgy Indicata’s role-based and attribute-based access control (RBAC and ABAC) enables an organization to create organizational roles, set role-specific permissions at the most granular level, and assign individual users to those roles.

In addition, Indicata is armed with a robust audit trail that can track the source of each and every access to the platform, data submission or change in the system.


You can link Synergy Indicata, a M&E software with its other third-party systems to automatically import and export data. This monitoring and evaluation software can interoperate with other systems through APIs or ETL processes.

Indicata API

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USAID Bureau for Food Security

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United States Agency for International Development
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Enabel – Belgian Development Agency
The German Agency for International Cooperation
Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa
Education Above All
Government of the Netherlands
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Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture
The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
The Department for International Development of the United Kingdom
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Abt Associates: Bold Thinkers Driving Real World Impact
Lusaka Sanitation Project
Iraq, Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terrorist Organizations (ReFAATO)
Ethiopia, Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity
Zambia, Ministry of Labor and Social Security

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