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Project Portfolio Management

Effortlessly Manage All Programs & Projects and Deliver the Results On a Single Platform

Powerful, straightforward, and flexible — Synergy Project & Portfolio Management solution adapts to your needs: your methodology, your workflow, your toolchain, your reporting needs.
Streamline Project Design, Planning, Budgeting & Monitoring
Centralize Program Performance & Data Collection
Align Strategic Objectives with Program Implementation Plan
Reduce Risks by Eliminating Overallocation of Resources

Keep Your Projects on Track

With Synergy, an organization, regardless of the sector it is in or the scope of its portfolio, faces no limitations to its ability to automate and manage its project portfolio. Our project & portfolio management solution supports every step of your indicator plan, while giving you the flexibility to adapt it to your organisation’s workflow.

We provide the full range of software technology, services, and subject matter expertise that organizations need to launch the transformative journey from manual processes of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to an online environment of automated forms, real-time data, insightful analytics, rapid reporting, and results-driven decision-making.

project portfolio management

Make Better Decisions, Supported by Data

Get a better understanding of how your projects and portfolios progress. Find out where the bottlenecks are, how your resources perform and how they are currently loaded with various reports and dashboards. Implement data-driven decision-making in your organization and remain flexible during project implementation by utilizing our on-demand data visualization and reporting tools for interpreting project and portfolio data for any level.
Synergy’s Project Portfolio Management solution provides several groups of reports, including project-related reports, portfolio-level reports, reports focused on resource management and workload, cross-system and cross-project reports.

PPM Tools to Manage Your Portfolio

Project data collection
Project dashboards
Project reporting
Project budgeting
Project logframe or result framework
Data visualization
Project activity scheduling
Document management & collaboration

Webinar: Synergy Indicata - Monitoring and Evaluation Software

This webinar will reveal how to use Synergy Indicata to measure and evaluate your programs and projects, turning data into a strategic asset.