Public Health Dimark June 15, 2022

Public Health

Capture And Analyze Medical Records Improve Management Of Vital To Providing Quality Patient Care

National level health statistics and epidemiological research provide invaluable sources of information for decision makers of local or international health interventions. However, very little of this data is ever directly linked to specific health initiatives and interventions. In order to draw better conclusions about health programs and make better decisions, it is important to track project data across national or programmatic stakeholders. This data should include funding figures, baseline and target values, and output, outcome, and impact indicators.

Effective Field-level Public Health Interventions

Importantly, with 89% mobile-cellular penetration in developing countries and a total of 6.8 billion global subscribers, mHealth (mobile health) has emerged as a core element of effective field-level public health interventions.

In addition to supporting collection and analysis of development information through online (browser-based), offline (desktop), and data exchange mechanisms, Synergy’s technical specialists have extensive experience integrating a wide-range of flexible, scalable, and sustainable mobile access capabilities into database-driven technology solutions. Together, these capabilities support consolidation of diverse and otherwise inaccessible sources of vital public health information into a single, secure, decision-oriented learning environment.