Development Effectiveness Anna Sargsyan July 4, 2022

Development Effectiveness

Monitor & Analyze Aid Flows & Improve Management of Development Interventions

Over the past decade, a new global consensus has emerged on the importance of delivering development aid more effectively. From the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness to the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, the central theme is country ownership. Developing countries must lead the sustainable development of their societies, with the international community supporting national and local priorities.

Since 1997, Synergy has been working with developing country governments and international organizations to promote development effectiveness. We have been doing so by providing the Development Assistance Database (DAD) to developing countries, a country-level, country-led system for tracking aid money and projects. We have successfully implemented DAD in various contexts, from fragile states to emerging markets.

Unified Data On Development Projects

With over 35 country systems, Synergy DAD is the world’s leading Aid Information Management System (AIMS). It provides country governments, development partners, and citizens with a comprehensive, transparent, and accurate picture of development activities at the country level.

Our suite of products for development effectiveness has evolved in line with the needs of our clients in developing countries. Today, Synergy’s DAD,  Public Investment Management Solution  together provide a complete platform for managing a country’s development aid, public investments, and national budget.