Barbados Social Protection System Prepares for National Launch Parandzem Avagyan January 27, 2023

Barbados Social Protection System Prepares for National Launch

In March 2023, the Barbados Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs (MPEA) plans to launch the PULSE-MIS, the National Social Protection System.

Synergy Auxilium Project Manager Hayk Vardanyan and Program Director Lilit Gasparyan traveled to Barbados for PULSE-MIS system training to prepare for this launch. Over 100 future PULSE-MIS users and system administrators were trained during the sessions which spanned three weeks.

The PULSE-MIS supports 20+ social protection programs across Barbados, providing monetary benefits for education, food, legal services, utilities, and childcare. The system also supports programs for senior citizens, those in need of at-home care, and emergency relief.

The PULSE-MIS has been integrated with the Electoral Boundaries Commission, allowing for cross-validation of beneficiary information, ensuring transparency and data integrity throughout the lifecycle of social protection programs. The system has also empowered the full unification of all social assistance business processes within the Ministry, streamlining the creation, approval, and service delivery of all programs. A public portal has also been developed, providing further transparency into the scope and operations of social protection for all citizens.

Synergy will continue to provide technical support for the PULSE-MIS through its pending national launch and seek to identify areas for further system development in tandem with the MPEA.

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