PIDS Activity Project: Close Out Report 2021 – 2022 Anna Sargsyan May 27, 2022

PIDS Activity Project: Close Out Report 2021 – 2022

PIDS is the first online data monitoring system for USAID/Liberia, automating the annual performance review and informing Mission-level decision making. Mission users achieved 100% data collection from Implementing Partners while the system has fully automated the data aggregation for the Mission’s annual Performance Plan and Report and indicator-associated data, such as the last date when the Data Quality Assessment was conducted.

In February 2021, the PIDS Activity Project (PAP) was launched which is designed to support USAID/Liberia and its implementing partners. The primary purpose of the PAP is to support USAID/Liberia by maintaining and improving the existing PIDS functionalities, ensuring continuation of the performance monitoring activities.

During this year-long program, Synergy has provided technical support, hosting, and maintenance of the PIDS, and mobile app, electronic PIDS (ePIDS). Synergy also provided maintenance and operational support to the USAID/Liberia ArcGIS Online platforms. The Mission has relied on PIDS to prepare the PPR for USAID/Washington, and to prepare for the DIS data migration. Synergy managed these various platforms for USAID/Liberia that enhanced learning, reporting, and knowledge sharing.

In addition to supporting USAID/Liberia by maintaining and improving the functionality of PIDS, Synergy is providing technical assistance in the Mission-wide transition of indicator reporting from the PIDS to the Development Information Solution (DIS) platform. USAID/Liberia started the transition to DIS quarter one as USAID began piloting the global information system across several Missions in Asia and Africa.

Read the close out report to learn more about the methods and approaches we’ve used as well as activities and results achieved.

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