Synergy Receives Operational Acceptance of WASREB IMIS Tatev Gyurjyan December 25, 2023

Synergy Receives Operational Acceptance of WASREB IMIS

Synergy is proud to announce the official acceptance of the Integrated Management Information System for the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) of Kenya. This milestone is a major leap forward in enhancing operational efficiency and service delivery within the water sector in Kenya. 

Currently, the system addresses the growing need for technological advancement in managing Kenya’s water services. It has an array of modules tailored to streamline various functions. These include Licensing of Water Service Providers, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Planning and Compliance, Procurement and Disposal, and Finances. Each module is designed to bring about a transformative change in how WASREB and its stakeholders manage data, oversee operations, and maintain regulatory compliance. 

As we approach the system’s launch in 2024, the focus shifts to integrating all stakeholders into this digital framework. This process is crucial for ensuring a seamless transition and maximizing the benefits of the system. Training sessions, workshops, and feedback loops are part of the plan to familiarize users with the system’s functionalities and capabilities. 

We hope that this milestone marks the beginning of a new era in water services regulation in Kenya.

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