Synergy Included in Gartner’s 2016 Market Guide for Strategy Execution Software Anna Sargsyan October 24, 2016

Synergy Included in Gartner’s 2016 Market Guide for Strategy Execution Software

Gartner, the leading IT market-research firm, has selected Synergy International Systems, Inc.—with its <astyle=”color: #337ab7;” href=””>Indicata Monitoring & Evaluation Software solution—as one of six Representative Vendors in its 2016 Market Guide for Strategy Execution Software.

Synergy Indicata is a strategy execution solution that enables organizations to manage the entire corporate chain from strategy to results. With Indicata, organizations can set up strategic frameworks, measure portfolio-wide performance, and visualize performance data.

Although Gartner has been tracking the strategy execution market over the last three years, 2016 seems to mark a turning point in this market. According to Gartner, “Organizations are realizing that executing strategy effectively in the digital age requires a new set of tools and practices. Transformation leaders and EPMO leaders should consider investing in strategy execution software to help close the ever-persistent “execution gap.”

Based on its Market Clock concept, Gartner has placed strategy execution software at the center of the first-mover opportunity zone, graduating it from its emerging market status of just two years ago. Organizations increasingly recognize that executing strategy effectively depends on their ability to be fast and agile. Agile strategy execution, which goes beyond linear project management, becomes critical for that purpose.

Moreover, private sector organizations are keen to make strategy execution a strong internal capability and adopt tools that support real-time decision making. As Gartner observes, “Companies that dedicated time and resources to strategy execution, outside of normal operations, appeared to be more successful than companies that followed the normal path of attempting to execute strategy by overlaying strategic work onto their existing operational performance management framework.”

Synergy has been providing software for performance management—also known as Monitoring & Evaluation—in the public sector for many years. Clients include the U.S. government, international development organizations, foreign government agencies, and non-profits. A prominent example is a web-based system for the U.S. government’s Feed the Future Initiative (FTF), a multi-billion dollar interagency effort that addresses hunger and food insecurity around the world.

According to Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, CEO of Synergy, “Our expertise in Monitoring and Evaluation software in the public sector is highly relevant to the emerging strategy execution needs of the private sector. Indicata delivers greater agility to organizations that are looking to close the execution gap and ensure that strategic efforts are on point.”

Gartner believes that the six representative vendors listed in the Market Guide all provide the must-have features of strategy execution software. It also forecasts that the vendors are on track to add the should-have features to their offerings.

The original source: Gartner