Synergy Brings the Voice of CEO to WCIT 2019 Panel “CIOs and CTOs Speak” Anna Sargsyan October 9, 2019

Synergy Brings the Voice of CEO to WCIT 2019 Panel “CIOs and CTOs Speak”

World Congress of IT (WCIT) 2019 is taking place in Yerevan, Armenia, from October 7-9. The conference titled “The Power of Decentralization” is bringing together some of the world’s leading ICT academics, technologists, and entrepreneurs to discuss global ICT trends and directions.

On Monday, October 7, Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, the founder and CEO of Synergy International Systems, joined a panel of tech leaders to discuss the future of computing and its decentralization.

The session, aptly titled “CIOs & CTOs Speak”, provided a platform, where leaders from world-leading tech companies such as Xilinx, Ericsson, VMware, Instigate, and Synergy International Systems presented their perspectives and the know-how on challenges prevailing in the global ICT industry.

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Followed by a Q&A session from the audience, the panel offered a deeper understanding and insight into the critical challenges tech industries are facing in addressing the needs of their customers, and how Chief Technology and Innovation Officers play a central role in overcoming these challenges.

 “An important quality of CTOs is that today’s CTOs need to have the capability in seeing what direction in terms of technology their companies will be taking in a few years’ time. In terms of technology, they need to have the vision of company’s future,” said Dr. Hovanesian at the panel.

WCIT 2019 will continue in the next two days with plenary sessions and speeches by some of the most recognized tech leaders in the world. Organized by World Information Technology & Services, Alliance (WISTA), for the past 40 years, WCIT has been bringing together technology leaders, investors, government officials, and academics to discuss the state and prospects of the global ICT industry.