Synergy And IBTCI To Partner On High Profile Monitoring & Evaluation Project For USAID/Yemen Anna Sargsyan September 24, 2010

Synergy And IBTCI To Partner On High Profile Monitoring & Evaluation Project For USAID/Yemen

Synergy and International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc. (IBTCI) have been awarded a high profile project to implement a new strategy and system for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of USAID in achieving its assistance objectives in Yemen.

In an effort to increase its effectiveness in a country tied intimately to US national security interests, USAID/Yemen is currently consolidating its efforts in Yemen into three main projects areas, focused on governance, economic growth, and livelihoods. As a part of this consolidation, USAID/Yemen requires increased M&E support to provide consistent performance monitoring and reporting of activities, projects and the assistance portfolio as a whole.

After performing a needs assessment to determine data flows and reporting requirements, Synergy will implement and install an M&E Clearinghouse for USAID/Yemen. This clearinghouse will provide USAID/Yemen with a secure web-based database integrated with existing information systems and accessible to both United States Government agencies (including the State Department, DOD, USAID Headquarters, and USAID implementers) and the Yemeni government. The M&E Clearinghouse will effectively consolidate existing and incoming data from multiple government sources. Moreover, a Geographic Information System (GIS) will incorporate project M&E data and national level stability indicators for governance and livelihood projects specifically. The pairing of a Management Information System (MIS) and a GIS will create a flexible, highly usable, and sustainable system that will seek to further USAID/Yemen’s progress towards achieving political stability, economic growth, and increased human capital in Yemen.

Upon installation and training, the M&E Clearinghouse will enable USAID/Yemen to monitor, verify and evaluate the performance, results (output and outcome), impact and environmental compliance of USAID projects and activities.