Re-Engineering IECMS in Papua New Guinea Tatev Gyurjyan October 30, 2023

Re-Engineering IECMS in Papua New Guinea

The National Judicial Staff Services (NJSS) of Papua New Guinea (PNG), one of Synergy’s trusted clients, commissioned Synergy to re-engineer their Integrated Electronic Case Management System (IECMS) based on Synergy’s latest technology – IDM 8.0 platform.

In 2018, Synergy was contracted to create IECMS for the digitalization of civil cases of the National Court and the Supreme Court of PNG. The development of the IECMS was completed in 2019, and the system went live right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world when different jurisdictions had to go digital. The IECMS has significantly modernized court operations, integrating court operations and data management into a single and coordinated system with a user-friendly interface. The IECMS has digitalized and standardized the paper-based case records and enabled the full reproduction of cases, improving the quality of court case information.

Over the last 1.5 years, Synergy has engaged in ongoing discussions with the NJSS of PNG to collaboratively explore opportunities for the IECMS re-engineering. Throughout this extensive period of collaboration, Synergy has supported and guided the NJSS in refining and shaping the system requirements. This joint effort has been aimed at achieving an optimal and highly efficient solution that aligns seamlessly with the unique needs and aspirations of the client. This enduring partnership between Synergy and the Judiciary of PNG stands as a testament to our shared commitment to innovation, efficiency, and the advancement of technological solutions within the judicial landscape.

The re-engineered IECMS will allow the NJSS to make the best use of Synergy’s latest low-code technology, which will not only enable the use of the low-code builders of IDM 8.0, but also facilitate more effective maintenance of the system. The IECMS is envisioned to have a built-in virtual court capability, judgement execution module, and performance management module among other additions.

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