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Synergy Indicata: M&E Software

Synergy Indicata™
Monitoring & Evaluation Software

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Synergy International Systems, Inc. (“Synergy”) is a global information technology firm that empowers public and private sector organizations to achieve their performance goals and development impact.

Since Synergy’s founding 20 years ago, organizations in over 60 countries have adopted our industry-leading software solutions to improve their data-driven capabilities and achieve their envisioned results.

Our core expertise is in software for monitoring and evaluation (M&E), national development effectiveness, judicial system modernization, public financial management (PFM), disaster relief and reconstruction, environment, education, and public health.

  • IT Strategy Consulting

    Synergy advises its clients on the best practices in leveraging IT and deriving maximum value from it.

  • Capacity Development

    We deliver training and knowledge transfer to ensure the sustainability of our systems.

  • Technical Support

    Synergy offers multi-level technical support services to our global clientele

“An executive can see, visually, what is happening throughout the country… This is what I want to see every morning when I get in.”

Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Lesotho

“The system enables us to provide accountability for our work. We were excited to develop this system with our partners at Synergy…”

USAID Bureau for Food Security

“The RMS has proven and indispensable operational tool for the management of the UNDAP planning, review and reporting system.”

Resident Coordinator’s Office, UN Tanzania