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Enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability in courts and criminal justice agencies.
Ensure equal access to justice for everyone in your community.

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Intelligent solution for an improved justice system

Synergy Case Management System is built for governments seeking to automate case processes, reduce costs, and provide equal access to justice. From criminal investigations, to prosecuting agencies, courts and corrections, our software solution can be tailored to your requirements and implemented without disrupting your daily operations.

Leveraging our technology and expertise, Synergy Case Management System enables improved performance, streamlined communication, and operational efficiency. It also provides better visibility and insight across all processes to inform decision-making, transform operations and procedures, and improve access to justice for all.


Streamline case management workflows to support the investigation cycle, from crime reporting to evidence processing and intelligence analysis. Perform accurate investigation, in less time, with less effort.


Gain control of the entire prosecution cycle, from pretrial to trial and sentencing. Focus on core activities and effectively manage your caseload while reducing paperwork and eliminating case delays.


Integrate all courts under one tech umbrella and handle cases from initiation to post-disposition. Reduce case backlog, speed up case disposition, improve adjudication while providing a more accessible public service.


Mitigate risks by managing all inmate information and processes in a single environment. Bring together prisons, community corrections, courts and other agencies to efficiently provide public safety. 

Integrated Case Management System

Synergy’s integrated case management system connects law enforcement, prosecuting agencies, courts, and corrections to facilitate communication and interaction between institutions and individuals, such as attorneys and litigants. It is seamless and intelligently guides users through the entire case lifecycle while allowing you to set unique user access permissions for each department, role, form, or stage of the caseflow. With a fully connected justice system and robust analytics, there is no opportunity for data fragmentation and miscommunication. Give agencies and courts access to paperless operations and get a complete picture of their performance.

Synergy Integrated Case Management System

Key Features

  • Automated Workflow Processing 

  • Role-Based Access 

  • E-Filing and Online Case Data Entry 

  • Form and Field Generation 

  • Legal Template and Document Management

  • Audit Trail 

  • Calendar and Task Management 

  • Advanced Analytical Reporting 

  • Collaboration, Messaging and Notifications   

  • API Gateway and Integrations 

  • Import/Export Capabilities 

  • AI for Case Allocation 

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Judiciary Performance Management

At the heart of Synergy’s Judiciary Performance Management System is the belief that both quality and efficiency are required to improve public perceptions of the judiciary and enhance the rule of law. The system combines case statistics with staff performance evaluations to provide a holistic view of organizational performance against predefined targets and strategic plans. This enables decision makers to identify risks and immediately take corrective action.

Judiciary Performance Management System