Case Management System for Commonwealth Justice Institutions Tatev Gyurjyan November 8, 2023

Case Management System for Commonwealth Justice Institutions

Over the past decade, Synergy has developed a Case Management System (CMS) implemented in Commonwealth nations and in various countries with diverse legal systems, including Rwanda, Tanzania, the United States of America, Ukraine, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Eswatini, Guyana, Jamaica, and many more.

Rwanda IECMS 2014
Uganda ECCMIS 2019
Guyana MIS 2020
Zimbabwe IECMS 2020
Tonga CCMS 2022
Jamaica JMS 2022
Eswatini IECMS 2022

With our CMS projects spanning through Commonwealth countries across North America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the Pacific, the eJustice team of Synergy gained invaluable insights into the similarities and distinctions among judicial and legal systems worldwide. This experience paved the way for Synergy’s eJustice team to evolve from individual projects to the creation of a tailored solution, leading to the development of the Synergy eCase© specifically designed to serve a broad spectrum of legal requirements, including for the Commonwealth legal system. eCase© is a low-code software, the technical capabilities of which enable users to configure the system through a graphical user interface rather than traditional hand-coded computer programming. Administrators do not need the source code to alter and configure the system; they do so straight from the interface.

Leveraging the knowledge gained, the technical team crafted a core solution equipped with all essential components required by judiciaries and other justice sector institutions operating within Commonwealth legal frameworks. Each of these components is highly adaptable, capable of replicating the rules and processes of any Commonwealth country across the globe. Essentially, these components serve as distinct engines within the system, offering complete customization.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Thanks to our extensive experience and successfully implemented projects, Synergy has developed a technologically advanced solution that can be seamlessly customized to meet the specific needs and expectations of judiciaries and other justice sector institutions such as Prosecution, Investigation and Correctional Services, operating within Commonwealth legal frameworks.

Recognizing the crucial need to respond quickly to growing demands in the judicial landscape, as well as the dynamic nature of legal changes, eCase© offers a high degree of adaptability, allowing institutions to implement changes in real-time (business processes, legal forms, access rights, etc).
Moreover, acknowledging the diverse hosting requirements driven by factors such as local jurisdictions, institutional and infrastructure readiness, and financial constraints, eCase© supports both on-premises and cloud hosting solutions to ensure maximum flexibility and compatibility.

The low-code nature of eCase© enhances cost-effectiveness by minimizing the need for extensive development efforts of software engineers in both development and maintenance phases.

Furthermore, aligning with the broader public sector vision for licensing models and taking into account critical factors such as financial stability, ownership, and long-term viability, we propose both perpetual license for purchasing eCase©.

Cost Effectiveness

Experienced Team of Experts

With their extensive background in the design and implementation of case management systems in Commonwealth countries, Synergy eJustice team can conduct in-depth needs assessments with all system stakeholders and end users, guaranteeing that the technology will meet all the needs of the judiciary.

The team provides the benefit of pre-project needs assessments, which allows to proactively identify and handle any difficulties. The dedication to producing the best results extends beyond the scope of the current project. Synergy eJustice team advocates and assesses best practices from other countries, enabling the provision insights and methods for accelerating digitalization. Furthermore, eJustice team is well-positioned to recommend legislative and procedural changes that might further enhance digitalization initiatives, ensuring a more effective conclusion for your institution.


increase in case registration before/after live comparison


increase in overall court case filing


electronically processed court payments


increase in non-taxed revenue of courts


increase in judgement delivered cases


average case processing time in Supreme Court


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