About the Project

Country: Rwanda
Sector: Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order sector (JRLOS)
Solution: Integrated Electronic Case Management System (IECMS)

Rwanda’s IECMS is a unifying platform that connects all institutions belonging to the Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector.

The system automates judicial processes and provides each institution with a customized interface for performing its functions. It serves as the single point of entry for recording and securing case information and efficiently sharing information among sector institutions.

IECMS won 2016 African Innovative Management Award from the African Association for Public Administration Management (AAPAM) and 2017 Top Ten Court Technology Solution Award from the National Association for Court Management & International Association for Court Administration.

The Challenge
  • Paper-based case records, static spreadsheets and workflows;
  • Case delays caused by increasing backlogs, inefficient case management and poor communication between justice sector agencies;
  • Inability to monitor court caseloads that results in the impossibility to take holistic, informed and systematic approval towards case management;
  • Isolated systems in each institution, duplication of case information and tedious reporting;
  • Prison overcrowding, high rates of recidivism, increased opportunities of corruption, loss of confidence in the justice system.
The Solution
  • Serves as a single point of entry for all Justice Sector institutions – Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB); National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA); Judiciary; Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS), Civil Litigation Service (CLS), Rwanda Bar Association (RBA) and Professional Bailiffs Association (PBA);
  • Accommodates the whole case life cycle from filing to hearing, judgment, appeal, closure, and execution, both in civil and criminal matters;
  • Standardizes case record storage and streamlines current processes;
  • Manages consolidated information on the case data, ensures the effective case processing thereby facilitating the decision making process;
  • Data moves seamlessly from one justice sector institution to another improving communication. and reducing the likelihood of processing errors.
The Results
  • Launched in January 2017, Rwanda IECMS currently captures over 40,000 users;
  • Rwanda IECMS covers a number of courts, prosecution offices, investigation offices and prisons in total above 400 offices sector-wide;
  • Substantial savings as a result of reduction in the use of paper, transport costs, time spent for case processing, the need for storage space, as well as easier archiving of documents;
  • Assist the justice sector institutions’ officials to have an easy and ad-hoc access to the information required for processing the legal cases and implement their day-to-day operations.