About the Project

Country: Rwanda
Sector: Development Effectiveness
Solution: Development Assistance Database for Ministry of Finance and Economy

Development Assistance Database (DAD) Rwanda is Rwanda’s official development aid (ODA) coordination system. It is used by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to track and manage aid funds and development results across all major donors and NGOs. The system supports the national Donor Performance Assessment Framework (DPAF) and is integrated with Rwanda’s SmartFMIS budgeting platform.

The Challenge
  • Rwanda’s manual data gathering process was costly and diverted essential staff.
  • The lack of timely, accurate aid data undermined public budget preparation.
  • Decision-makers needed outcome-level information to oversee progress on strategic goals.
The Solution
  • A unified repository for development assistance from donors and NGOs.
  • Captures DPAF mutual accountability framework, indicators and standard definitions.
  • Built-in data collection, analytics, reporting and visualization tools.
  • Data exchange interface with SmartFMIS Chart of Accounts.
The Results
  • DAD Rwanda data is used for annual Rwanda ODA Effectiveness reports.
  • Transparent governance has improved Rwanda’s Business Environment rankings.
  • More external funds flowing directly to Ministry of Planning for spending.
  • Rwanda’s data-driven model for aid management has been emulated by Burundi, Cameroon, Mauritania and Central African Republic.