Piloting Social Protection MIS in Barbados
available now 25/04/2024

Piloting Social Protection MIS in Barbados

Challenges and Lessons Learned on Launching a Nationwide Integrated Social Protection System

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In 2019, Barbados, led by the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, began a process to streamline and optimize over 200 social protection programs across the nation. This effort culminated in the creation of the PULSE-MIS (Poverty Reduction Utilizing Labor Social Empowerment Management Information System). Fast forward to 2024, and PULSE-MIS has successfully completed its pilot phase, marking a significant milestone in modernizing Barbados’ social safety net.

What does PULSE-MIS achieve?

  • Supporting assistance programs from education and food to childcare services.
  • Unifying processes for all departments within the Ministry in the scope of the Amalgamation program.
  • Enabling beneficiary management through a case management module.
  • Aiming to connect the government with citizens through a public portal in the future.

During the webinar, Dorian Best, Project Officer MIS, shared the challenges encountered during the pilot implementation of PULSE-MIS and provided invaluable insights gained from this experience. These lessons are pivotal in the pursuit of building more inclusive social safety nets in the digital age. Additionally, Bridget Lewis, Chief Change Facilitator, underscored the critical role of change management when implementing and piloting digital social protection MIS.

Furthermore, Hayk Vardanyan, Project Manager at Synergy, shed light on the technological aspects of implementing a social protection MIS and spotlighted the main problems solved with the introduction of the digital social protection system.

Watch the webinar to explore the transformation of social protection in Barbados and learn from the pioneers who have navigated this groundbreaking change.

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Our Speakers

Dorian Best
Dorian Best

Project Officer MIS (PO-MIS), One Family Programme

Bridget Lewis
Bridget Lewis

Chief Change Facilitator, Government of Barbados

Hayk Vardanyan

Project Manager, Synergy International Systems, Inc.

Sergey Gasparyan
Moderator: Sergey Gasparyan

Business Development Executive, Synergy International Systems, Inc.

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