Schedule Personalized 1:1 Sessions with Synergy Experts

Schedule Personalized 1:1 Sessions with Synergy Experts

Giving Back to our Community

As a token of our appreciation, we are giving back to our community this holiday season. The cherished members of our community now have the chance to schedule personalized 1:1 sessions with our experienced tech leaders. Whether you want to analyze your current projects, explore your career perspectives, or simply seek inspiration over a festive cup of hot cocoa, our tech leaders are here for you.

Our experts have limited availability of only 5 slots each, so act quickly and book a complimentary session below.

Synergy Experts

Ashot Hovanesian
Dr. Ashot Hovanesian | CEO & Founder

Directs Synergy’s global strategy in developing tech for good; Led the creation of IDM tech platform; Contributed to international organizations, including the OECD, and WHO European Bureau

Tilen Levin
Tilen Levin | Director of Synergy Netherlands

Business Development Specialist and Account Manager with a wealth of experience; Strong background in IT Management; A guiding force for both partners and the technical team at Synergy

Arshak Hovanesian
Arshak Hovanesian | Vice President, Business Development

Decade-long leadership at Synergy; Led numerous strategic opportunities, empowering global mission-driven organizations; Demonstrated expertise in crafting winning proposals

Anna Stepanyan
Anna Stepanyan | CHRO

10+ years in IT Human Resources Management; Expertise in various HR functions, including recruiting, hiring, networking, retention, relationship management, etc.; Mission to promote and uplift talents

Emilya Khachatryan
Dr. Emilya Khachatryan | Indicata Director

16+ years of IT project leadership; Expertise in non-profit tech solutions, including M&E and project portfolio systems; Holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and is PMP-certified.

Lilit Gasparyan
Lilit Gasparyan | Auxilium Director

15+ years' expertise in IT project management; Synergy’s social protection program lead; Experience in beneficiary registry, and cash and non-cash disbursement solutions

Anania Mikaelyan
Anania Mikaelyan | Engineering Director

12+ years' experience in the system design and development lifecycle; Expertise in enterprise web-based systems; Pivotal technical leadership for Save the Children International

Nelly Ter-Vardanyan
Nelly Ter-Vardanyan | Senior Project Manager

13+ years of IT experience; Transitioned from a technical role to a project leadership position; Expertise in end-to-end grant management and M&E systems

Aram Lalayan
Aram Lalayan | Senior Project Manager

Founding Member and Core Technical Leader at Synergy since 1997; Extensive experience in enterprise IT solutions; Leadership in Save the Children International’s PRIME System

Anahit Sargsyan
Anahit Sargsyan | Documentation Dep. Head

22+ years' experience in technical writing; Expert in developing user manuals, guides, demos, etc.; Specializes in simplifying user onboarding processes

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