AGRA Management Information System (AMIS) Tatev Gyurjyan July 25, 2023

AGRA Management Information System (AMIS)

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Grant Management, Monitoring and Evaluation


AGRA Management Information System (AMIS)

AGRA’s Management Information System (AMIS) serves as the enterprise solution that enables the African grantmaking organization to manage its extensive portfolio of grants, monitor results, and evaluate the execution of its corporate strategy.

AGRA is an authentically African grantmaking organization dedicated to ending hunger and poverty on the continent by developing sustainable, resilient food systems and supporting smallholder farmers. With a growing portfolio of grants, AGRA faced significant challenges in monitoring the performance of its grantees and the implementation of its corporate strategy. Committed to a culture of results-based management, AGRA embarked on an innovative digital journey.

In 2015, AGRA engaged Synergy to develop AMIS. Powered by Synergy Indicata, the system helps AGRA better monitor the performance of its programs and grants, communicate results to partners and stakeholders, and conduct data analysis, modeling, and reporting. AMIS later evolved into a Grants Management System (GMS), facilitating the end-to-end process of how AGRA’s manages grants, from evaluating grant applications and monitoring grantee performance to project close-out.

Launched in October 2021, AMIS has enabled AGRA to transform how it manages its daily operations. In the future, it can also expand with AGRA’s evolving portfolio of programs to capture new types of grant applications and business processes.
Through AMIS, AGRA’s grantmaking has become more transparent, efficient, and results driven. The key to the successful AGRA-Synergy partnership is the commitment of both organizations to Africa’s agricultural transformation and sustainable development.

“… I would recommend this vendor to any organization – they are extremely professional and deliver high quality outputs.”

Dr. Sylvester Kisonzo, AGRA’s Head of ICT