World Bank Selects Synergy for Disaster Management M&E System in the Philippines

In April 2012, Synergy won a World Bank tender for the development of a Project Evaluation and Monitoring System for Disaster Risk Reduction Management (PEMSD) for the Government of the Philippines. Given the Philippines’s acute vulnerability to natural disasters, the Government has recently undertaken a sweeping policy reform with respect to its disaster preparedness, management, and prevention.

As part of this broader initiative, the PEMSD project will deliver a web-based, innovative, and transparent software solution for monitoring the funding flows and physical results of disaster-related interventions in the Philippines. The software will play a key role in enabling the Philippine Government identify funding gaps, align interventions with the country’s disaster-related priorities, and ascertain project results.

Synergy is carrying it out the project in partnership with its subcontractors Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponents Inc. (PRIMEX) and Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative Inc. (EMI).

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