With Two Additional Modules, Rwanda IECMS is Digitizing Justice Sector’s Entire Case Management

Rwanda IECMS (Integrated Electronic Case Management System) – the award-winning Case Management System that is digitizing Rwanda’s entire justice sector – is being enriched with two new modules: Judgement Execution and Online Auctioning.

Following to a successful piloting phase complete with a series of ToT sessions in Kigali, the Judgement Execution and Auctioning modules are ready for their upcoming full-scale launch.

While all courts throughout the country have been paperless and digitized since mid-2017, the Rwandan Ministry of Justice – with Synergy International Systems as its technology partner – is continuing its mission to digitize and modernize all processes of case management lifecycle.

With its already developed modules, Rwanda IECMS covers the cycle of criminal processes (from complaint reporting to prisoning) both for the country’s entire Justice Sector, as well as the Military Justice, the integration of which with Rwanda IECMS went live on the 1st of May.

The addition of the Execution and Auctioning modules will allow Rwanda IECMS to cover the full life-cycle of civil processes up to their final execution.


Rwanda IECMS: a Breakthrough in Rwanda’s Modernization

Already back in 2017, Rwanda was ranked among the top ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa that are steadily progressing towards attaining the UN-backed SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by 2030.

At the foundations of the country’s transparent and effectual justice sector lays Rwanda IECMS, transforming the country’s access to justice, increasing transparency, and combatting corruption.

Integrating five institutions of the justice sector in Rwanda (Investigation, Prosecution, Judiciary, Correctional Services, Ministry of Justice), as well as the Military Justice, the Rwanda IECMS is operated not only by several thousand sector professionals, but also public stakeholders – citizens and their representatives – who have filed cases in courts.


New modules: Judgement Execution and Online Auctioning

Synergy developed the two most recent, custom-created modules – online judgement execution and online auctioning. Both modules will significantly improve Rwandan citizens’ (justice sector professionals, claimants, and defendants) access to justice, as well as online and prompt management of execution processes.

Judgement execution module will be benefiting courts and other decision-making institutions – such as the Abunzi (Rwandan traditional mediation system) – to streamline the lifecycle of court judgement execution. It will replace the former paper-based system and physical participation of involved parties at all steps from seizures to auctioning.

The Online Auctioning module will enable all involved parties to track the full process of auctioning of all types of assets, as well as facilitate ongoing monitoring to check the number of executed cases. It automates all aspects of online auctioning (from scheduling to bidding, sale, and reporting) and renders the process transparent and accessible to all concerned parties.

Both modules will help end users be aware of every single step of their case processes from execution initiation to online approval and e-provision of execution formula, thus greatly contributing to the increase of efficiency, transparency and decrease of corruption and cases of fraud.

“These modules will help Rwanda IECMS meet justice sector’s expectations to execute judgement orders and auctions faster, more transparent and free from deception and other acts of corruption, as was the case with the former, paper-based system,” says Niceson Karungi, Business Analyst and Software Development Specialist at the Judiciary of Rwanda. “These modules will address the malpractices reported by the general public, bailiffs, and court professionals,” she adds.

“With the addition of these two new modules, the Synergy CMS-based Rwanda IECMS will further advance the modernization of the country’s entire justice system,” says Khachatur Matevosyan, Program Manager at Synergy International Systems.


Training the Champions of Rwanda IECMS

Prior to the launch of the modules, Synergy organized a two-week ToT session in Kigali for the staff of Private Bailiff Association, Judiciary of Rwanda, Ministry of Justice, and Military Justice (investigators, prosecutors, judges, registrars, and custody managers). The training contribute to the sustainability of the know-how of the new IECMS modules and increase the public’s understanding of the digitized justice sector. Audio and video materials provided by Synergy will further contribute to training the public in using Rwanda IECMS.

“The ToT sessions ensure that the Rwandan justice system has well-trained local capacity and expertise of the system, which in turn contributes to the sustainability of the know-how. Not only the trainers are proficient in using the system, but also – being some of the best experts of their own sector/domain – they are well equipped to train the end users – peers and members of the public – to apply Rwanda IECMS to solve real-life incidents,” explains Mr. Matevosyan. “Thus, they transfer much more than just the system logic, features and functionalities of the system: they connect the modules to the end users’ real-life professional needs,” he adds.

“The bailiffs are excited to start using the new modules which on the long run will yield in significant time, effort, cost and paper savings,” says Ms. Karungi.

Ms. Karungi highlights that the training sessions are going on throughout the country with the Ministry of Justice using innovative methods to increase the number of the public using Rwanda IECMS.

One such method is training cyber café employees and helping them become experts in using the system. In this way, cyber café personnel will be able to assist those clients who are conducting online court business.

As a technology provider that supplies software solutions to governments and development agencies, Synergy considers Rwanda a priority country and remains committed to equipping Rwandan Government with software solutions that will digitize and streamline management and governance. To that effect, Synergy is opening its representative branch in Kigali in mid-2019.