Enterprise Program Portfolio Management (EPPM) Anna Sargsyan August 25, 2022

Enterprise Program Portfolio Management (EPPM)

In an increasingly integrated world, an organization’s project and program portfolio is becoming larger in scope, more complex, and more geographically dispersed. Today, a globalized organization’s ability to manage its projects crucially depends on the tools that enable it to readily access and analyze actionable data and make informed decisions. This is where Synergy comes in.

This white paper discusses the role of Enterprise Program Portfolio Management (EPPM) software in strategy formulation and execution. It describes how this kind of software can help organizations implement complex, integrated and multi-layered strategies, instead of merely executing standalone projects.

The scope of EPPM software goes beyond the realm of traditional Project Management Systems, which are typically limited to planning IT projects and tracking the completion of routine tasks. EPPM software enables managers to define high-level, organization-wide objectives, link them to specific projects or activities, and measure progress toward the achievement of those objectives.

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