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Webinar Wrap-up: Integrated Electronic Case Management System

Technology has been transforming the way governments work. In the case of justice sectors, technology solutions not only offer a better way to perform existing practices but also provide an opportunity for creating new practices and fundamentally changing the way justice institutions operate.

In the webinar Integrated Electronic Case Management System: Enhancing Judicial Transparency and Accountability, Khachatur Matevosyan and Adam Watson from Synergy took a closer look at the key functionalities of an integrated electronic case management system and their role in improving the performance of justice sector institutions.


Over 160 participants from 70+ countries joined the Synergy team to discuss the role of digital transformation in developing a transparent justice sector and solutions that may support the move to a digital operating model.
The webinar was the third in an expert-led series on an integrated electronic case management system and its benefits, with the previous event focusing on performance management for the judiciary.

Along with the series on e-justice solutions, we’ve launched a webinar series on monitoring and evaluation in government and nonprofit organizations. Hosted in December, 2020, these webinars that will translate research and expertise into actionable information that government and nonprofit organizations can use in their digital transformation journey.

Experts from multiple well-known organizations will discuss how they create a culture of M&E within their organizations and what role technology plays in the journey toward more effective strategy execution.

To learn more about the new M&E series, please visit our website and register.