Synergy to implement a One-Stop-Shop Business Registration System for the Government of Kyrgyzstan

Synergy International Systems was recently awarded a contract to design and implement a Web-based One-Stop-Shop (OSS) Business Registration System for the Ministry of Economic Regulation of the Kyrgyz Republic. This initiative is a component of the “Investment Climate Improvement Program System Support Project,” financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The main goal of the development of OSS is to improve the overall effectiveness of the business registration process in the Kyrgyz Republic, and ensure that critical steps, such as business registration, re-registration and liquidation processes, are fully formalized, automated, and brought in accordance with the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The introduction of the Web-based OSS system will help to make the business registration process more efficient, transparent and visible to investors and the public. The OSS will include a public web resource providing a description of the registration process, e-form applications and other key resources and documentation related to business registration. The Web Portal component will allow applicants to track the status of the registration process, and it will also provide general statistics and reports on business registration.

1st Global Conference of the DAD CoP: A Highly Successful Start

Synergy International Systems, in close collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), organized the first global conference of the Development Assistance Database (DAD) Community of Practice (CoP). The conference took place from the 5th until the 9th of October at Synergy’s new, state-of-the-art Global Learning Center in Yerevan, Armenia.

DAD is a Web-based information system used for tracking, analyzing and reporting development activities in a particular country. By providing critical real-time information on the state and progress of development efforts, DAD supports development stakeholders in their efforts to foster effective national development. Operational in about 20 countries, DAD is the leading aid information management system on the market. Moreover, DAD provides an array of public sector management tools, including for public investment and national budgeting.

The conference brought together about 45 participants from 15 countries, including Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Comoros, India, Iraq, Namibia, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Yemen. Representatives of UNDP, USAID, the European Commission, and IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative) also attended the event. The central goal of the Community of Practice is to promote the systematic and practical peer-to-peer exchange of experiences and knowledge. Government officials, donor and NGO representatives, and IT specialists came together for one week to discuss pressing issues related to information technology and development effectiveness.

The workshop consisted of about twenty thematic and country presentations. The thematic presentations examined such topics as the relationship between aid information and development effectiveness, the cumulative lessons learned and best practices from DAD’s implementation in the Tsunami-affected region, and recent findings about what countries expect to benefit from the use of aid information management systems.

The country presentations reflected the wide array of contexts where DAD is implemented, from emerging markets to fragile post-conflict states to post-disaster environments, among others. Each country presentation highlighted a key innovative aspect of their implementation, such as the integration between CDSS (DAD) India and India’s financial management information system; the linking of DAD Afghanistan with the State Budget Planning System (also developed by Synergy); the evolution of DAD Sri Lanka from tracking humanitarian aid to serving as the platform for integrating the government’s disparate systems; the innovative approach to developing a “whole of government” M&E system in Cape Verde; and the challenges to—and opportunities for—establishing DAD in a fragile post-conflict country.

The third day of the conference took place in the beautiful village of Garni, which is famous for its 1st century A.D. pagan temple. Enjoying a breathtaking scenic view of the temple and its surrounding mountains and valley, participants and Synergy’s staff engaged in constructive discussions about newly released DAD products.

The last two days of the conference were fully devoted to targeted trainings led by Synergy’s world-class software specialists. The training program was devised in consultation with participants and designed to accommodate the needs of different participants, especially in terms of technical depth. Training sessions addressed such topics as “Advanced DAD Reporting”; “Main Principles of Data Collection, Validation, and Verification”; and “DAD Interoperability with External Databases and MIS.”

The feedback from the participants was almost invariably positive. “The conference was organized on a high level. It exceeded all my expectations. Such events should take place very often to give countries a chance to exchange experiences and develop new working relations and networks,” said Abdul Wahed Ahadi, Program & Operations Manager of UNDP’s Making Budget & Aid Work Project in Afghanistan.

According to Michael Mutonga, the Deputy Director of Namibia’s National Planning Commission, “It was a well organized conference. It was of great use for all of the participant countries. This should become a regular event and create a dialogue between the donors and country governments.”

Synergy and UNDP Organize the 1st Global Conference of the DAD Community of Practice (CoP)

Synergy International Systems, in close collaboration with UNDP, is organizing the first global conference of the Development Assistance Database (DAD) Community of Practice (CoP). The conference will take place from October 5th through October 9th at Synergy’s new, state-of-the-art Global Learning Center in Yerevan, Armenia. It will consist of a three-day workshop covering a wide range of thematic issues related to DAD, followed by two days of specialized training by Synergy’s expert staff and advanced DAD users.

The participants of the 1st DAD CoP conference are a diverse group of government officials, development professionals, businesspeople, and NGO representatives from various countries where DAD is established or where there is interest in establishing it. Participants will come from all four continents representing a diverse group of countries, including Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Lebanon, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, the United States, Yemen, and Zambia.

In line with the current trends in aid effectiveness, DAD supports web-based data collection, tracking, strategic analysis and versatile reporting on aid activities, thus promoting transparency and accountability of funds, results-based decision making, and country ownership. Given that DAD has been implemented in over 25 countries and is the leading aid management system on the market, establishing a Community of Practice is not only timely, but will enhance the shared knowledge base of current and prospective DAD practitioners from around the world.

The DAD CoP conference is designed to provide an innovative and action-oriented platform for more effective collaboration among governments, development partners, businesses, and other development stakeholders working toward aid effectiveness.


Synergy Exhibits at Digitec and Microsoft Innovation Forum

Synergy was an exhibitor at the recent two day Digitech and Microsoft Innovation Forum hosted in the Armenian capital of Yerevan from 26-27 June. The forum attracts local and international vendors, and is aimed to present innovative opportunities for IT application in Armenia and to serve as a discussion forum between government representatives and IT solutions providers. The panel discussions addressed issues relevant to the context of Armenia, such as e-Health, e-Government, Telecommunications Development, Business Automation Processes, Banking and Finance.

New IT solutions were presented by more than 17 companies, including different local and international organizations such as Microsoft, Beeline, Armsoft, Sourcio, Grant Thornton Amyot, Intel/Russia, and Hewlett-Packard. “The introduction of e-governance in Armenia will start from the government,” Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan told reporters after the opening ceremony of the DigiTec Business Forum in Yerevan. According to Sargsyan, they have already held meetings with representatives from the business community to discuss the concept of e-governance. One of the priority tasks of e-governance is the reduction of corruption and bureaucracy, as well as the simplification of government-citizen communications.

Synergy brought to the forum a unique combination of local presence in Yerevan, innovative solutions, and extensive experience from our collaboration with the Government of Armenia, US government agencies, and international organizations such as the World Bank, UNDP, IDB, UNIDO and OECD, as well as governments in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Synergy Partners with Booz Allen Hamilton for MCC Monitoring and Evaluation Project

The Millennium Challenge Corporation, a US Government agency that distributes foreign assistance, has announced that the partnership of Booz Allen Hamilton and Synergy International Systems has been awarded a contract for the MCC Business Intelligence and Data Store (BIDS) project. This project will use Synergy’s IDM technology as the business intelligence cornerstone of the project software. Synergy will develop Monitoring and Evaluation and project tracking systems that will be used to coordinate between MCC headquarters and the Millennium Challenge Account compact countries. The reporting done through this information system will enable MCC to provide reliable reports to Congress to track the development of MCC Compact Countries and assess the overall impact of the MCC’s objectives.


Ministry of Afghanistan Mission to Synergy Headquarters

Synergy recently hosted a delegation of representatives from the Ministry of Finance for Afghanistan for an intensive two-day mission to finalize requirements for an upgrade of the Development Assistance Database (DAD), as well as to discuss additional needs for increased capacity in budget planning. Synergy presented a prototype of its latest budgeting system, which was well received by the participants. Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, Synergy CEO, chaired a series of very productive meetings and brainstorming sessions with the team from the Ministry, which included Budgeting Managers, Sector Managers, and IT Managers. Synergy has been working closely with it’s counterparts in Kabul to finalize the implementation of the DAD 5.5.

Synergy begins Webinar series on the DAD

Synergy is beginning a series of Webinars on the Development Assistance Database (DAD) for UNDP staff, government officials, and NGOs through WebEx software.

There are two upcoming Webinars for those in government and the development community in the continent of Africa. They will be held at 9 AM, EST on Wednesday, September 20th, and 9:30 AM on Thursday, September 21st. The agenda includes a live demonstration of the DAD, as well as a discussion of best practices and lessons learned from implementations of the system in 19 developing countries.

Katrina Recovery: Lessons from the Developing World

By Ashot Hovanesian, President and CEO, Synergy International Systems

As we approach the first anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita it’s natural to ask “Are we continuing to make the best progress possible in the recovery effort, and are we better prepared today to respond to and recover from these, and other, types of disasters than we were nearly a year ago?”

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Sri Lanka Deploys Housing Tracking Module in Synergy Development Assistance Database and Portal

Synergy International Systems, Inc. (Synergy), the Intelligent Data Manager(TM) company for mission-critical data collection, analysis and dissemination, today announced that the government of Sri Lanka’s Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA) has launched a new Housing Program module within its deployment of Synergy’s Development Assistance Database (DAD) and Synergy Portal. The module extends the breadth and value of the role DAD-Sri Lanka is playing in increasing visibility and accountability into how Asian Tsunami Relief funds are spent and how projects are progressing.

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Final DAD Pakistan Launched

The Development Assistance Database for Pakistan was launched on Saturday, seven months after the earthquake that devastated the Kashmir region of the country. The DAD was developed, tested, and installed over a period of four months.

The DAD Pakistan is Synergy’s newest model with a new design and the most state-of-the-art capabilities now available to Synergy’s customers. The DAD Pakistan supports English and Urdu, and is fully integrated with Pakistan’s Loan and Grant Tracking System. This and other user friendly attributes make the DAD accessible to the public and enhance transparency and accountability to the local and international public. The DAD system also facilitates Monitoring and Evaluation by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in line with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.

The DAD is tracking nearly $9 billion worth of commitments from bilateral, multilateral and other donors.