Ghana’s Ministry of Finance selects Synergy DAD as the country’s platform for managing development assistance

Vienna, Virginia, USA – 24 March, 2015 – Ghana’s Ministry of Finance has selected Synergy to develop the country’s Aid Information Management System (AIMS), an online IT platform that will provide a comprehensive, real-time picture of the development assistance landscape in the country. In particular, the system will help the Ghanaian government to track aid flows, align them with country strategies, and ensure that projects are implemented effectively. This project is funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The Ghana AIMS will improve information exchange on planned and actual donor resource inflows, promote aid-on-budget planning, and monitor the alignment of Development Partner (DP) assistance to the national development plan. The system will facilitate the monitoring of aid flows, absorption rates, and project implementation to assess performance and ascertain results. On the basis of projected aid flows, the Ghanaian government will be able to properly plan the national budget.

“With the help of Ghana AIMS, the Ministry of Finance will be able to disseminate information to the public on development assistance and results, thereby improving government accountability and transparency to citizens” said Synergy’s Project Manager Emilia Khachatryan, who was recently in Accra, Ghana, to carry out the needs assessment mission.

The system will be powered by Synergy’s flagship AIMS solution, the Development Assistance Database (DAD). First launched in the late 1990s, DAD subsequently became the most widely adopted AIMS solution in the world.

Synergy to implement a One-Stop-Shop Business Registration System for the Government of Kyrgyzstan

Synergy International Systems was recently awarded a contract to design and implement a Web-based One-Stop-Shop (OSS) Business Registration System for the Ministry of Economic Regulation of the Kyrgyz Republic. This initiative is a component of the “Investment Climate Improvement Program System Support Project,” financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The main goal of the development of OSS is to improve the overall effectiveness of the business registration process in the Kyrgyz Republic, and ensure that critical steps, such as business registration, re-registration and liquidation processes, are fully formalized, automated, and brought in accordance with the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The introduction of the Web-based OSS system will help to make the business registration process more efficient, transparent and visible to investors and the public. The OSS will include a public web resource providing a description of the registration process, e-form applications and other key resources and documentation related to business registration. The Web Portal component will allow applicants to track the status of the registration process, and it will also provide general statistics and reports on business registration.