Synergy’s Case Management System to Digitize Uganda’s Justice Sector

Synergy International Systems proudly announces that it has been awarded the implementation of the Design, Development, and Maintenance of Uganda Electronic Court Case Management Information System (ECMIS). In partnership with a local IT firm Sybyl Limited, Synergy will be providing the technology that will help the Judiciary of Uganda modernize the country’s court case management.

“Starting from today, we have started a journey which is going to see us have case management using electronic system”, said Mr. Pius Bigirimana, the Secretary of Judiciary of Uganda at the official contract signing ceremony held on September 16, 2019 in Kampala, Uganda. He added that in the past court case management has been a ground for corruption where files mysteriously used to disappear. “This will belong in history. Case backlogs will also belong in history, as well,” added Mr. Bigirimana.

Mr. Bigirimana speaking at the official signing ceremony

The much-anticipated Uganda Electronic Court and Case Management Information System is to significantly contribute to the country’s increasing efforts in installing transparent court processes, improvement of the justice sector’s performance, and in the fight against corruption. “[The implementation of Uganda ECMIS] will mean minimal interaction between the public and court officials,” said Mr. Bigirimana, adding that this will help the country combat corruption.

Uganda ECMIS will automate and track all aspects of a case life cycle from initial filing through disposition and appeal as to each individual party for any case type for all courts of the Uganda court system: the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court, the High Court, and the Magistrates Courts.

Uganda ECMIS will make justice accessible to the citizens through online services for case filing and payments, automated reminders and free online access to summons and judgement, as well as will expedite disposition of cases and will diminish case backlogs.

“Synergy has a solid reputation in supporting government institutions worldwide with tailor-made and efficient software systems that are helping countries move into the next digital era,” says Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, Synergy’s CEO and Founder. “We are truly excited to be providing the technology powering Uganda’s journey of achieving transparency and accountability in the country’s justice sector, as well as providing its citizens a better access to justice,” adds Dr. Hovanesian.