Synergy releases new version of Donor Assistance Database (DAD)

Synergy International Systems is pleased to announce that it has released DAD 5.0, the latest version of the Donor Assistance Database (DAD) product line.Taking into account feedback from its global DAD clientele in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Zambia and others, Synergy has greatly improved the user-interface in all areas of the software, including data-entry, presentation and analytical reporting. Synergy developers took great strides to enhance the analytical reporting capabilities within the DAD.The reporting capability is even more robust, allowing users more power and flexibility in the creation of ad-hoc reports, and their export to Word, Excel and PDF.Reports by any combination of groups, columns, rows and fields can be created by non-technical staff on-the-fly in a highly user friendly and logical manner with the Report Builder.

Furthermore, in order to better serve clientele who may be working in areas without a quality Internet connection or who may be without access to the Internet entirely, DAD now includes an off-line data entry module in addition to the on-line. “With the addition of the off-line data entry module, users can enter project data seamlessly regardless of the quality of the connection, and submit their data for integration with the central on-line source when a connection is available”, said Richard Bradley, Aid Coordination Adviser for Synergy.

DAD 5.0 is a Java-based system, which allows for greater operability with third-party systems and other platforms.Further, DAD 5.0 enables for XML data exchange and can more easily link with other critical government systems in budgeting, financial management, or legacy systems.



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