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Public Investment Management

Strengthening Public Investment Management

Synergy Public Investment Management System (PIMS) is a solution designed to support the management of public investments program (PIP) life-cycle, including submission, screening, and approval of project proposals, allocation and execution of the capital budget, and results-based monitoring and evaluation (M&E).
Capture Detailed Data on Public Investment Projects
Automate Public Financial Management Process
Monitor Project Performance & Results
Enhance Transparency & Accountability

Manage Program Proposals & Planning Online

The Synergy PIMS enables line ministries to manage online submission of project proposals and the entire interaction between the MoF/MoP, including review, refinement, and approval of proposals.

The users can capture detailed data on public investment projects, including programmatic, financial, and performance data. With PIMS you can set up and manage rules, workflows, and role-based access rights governing the use of the system by government agencies.

It also integrates with other government systems, particularly budgeting or financial management systems.

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Implement Results-Based M&E & Track PIP Progress

PIMS can incorporate your organization’s customized M&E frameworks, criteria and analytics for results-based M&E. These features support the automation of M&E data collection, reporting and analysis, improving data availability and quality, and enhancing program performance evaluations/reviews.

It also enables tracking of detailed data on public investment projects, including financials, project progress timelines, and M&E data. Users can monitor and report on budget execution process in real-time, tracking when funds requests are submitted, when funds are released, and how much progress (financial and/or physical) was achieved by the time of the release.

Reporting & Data Visualization

Synergy PIMS users can easily analyze gaps, overlaps and alignment of programs by querying PIP data. The Report Builder module produces pre-defined and custom reports regarding project progress, budget execution, performance M&E reports and more at the click of a button.

PIM Suite’s graphs and maps make it easy to visualize performance data, key indicators, and critical trends. These tools enable data-driven analysis of gaps, overlaps and alignment with national priorities and development plans.

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Public Investment Management Core Features

Public investment programs submission
Budget execution monitoring
Ad-hoc & predefined reports
Data visualization & GIS maps
PIP progress tracking
Customized M&E frameworks
Automated workflow processing
Collaboration & user management