Synergy is Developing a Management Information System and a Payment System for the Household Uplifting Program in Nigeria

Synergy International Systems, Inc. is developing and implementing a Management Information System and Payment System for the Household Uplifting Program (HUP MIS & Payment System) of the National Cash Transfer Office of Nigeria. Nigeria Household Uplifting Program is aimed at providing access to targeted cash transfers to poor and vulnerable households under the national safety net system.

The main purpose of the system will be to automate processes of household enrollment and payment of social benefits, tracking of co-responsibility compliance, managing savings and income generation and establishing sustainable livelihood for vulnerable households. This project will help further advance the social protection sector in the country.

As a solution, HUP MIS & Payment System is a customized version of Synergy Social Protection Information System (Synergy SPIS) – one of the few off-the-shelf Social Protection Information System available in the international market today – to implement and track all phases of Nigeria Household Uplifting Program.

“We are happy to leverage our best practice experience to not only successfully develop and deploy the MIS & Payment System for Household Uplifting Program, but also to offer unparalleled, experience-based insight into creating a tool that will help increase the efficiency of the program,” says Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, Synergy’s CEO and Founder.

Similar to other relevant MIS and Payment System solutions created by Synergy, SPIS is enabling governments to employ the tools necessary for effectively managing information on beneficiaries of social protection programs, generating transfer payments and distribution of assistance to the beneficiaries, as well as monitoring processes and outcomes to identify key operational challenges and success factors.