Artificial Intelligence

Synergy CMS will soon be enhanced with features of Artificial Intelligence

The Synergy CMS team is now building and testing machine learning capabilities that will improve decision-making, optimize disposition time, and help avoid case backlogs. For instance, based on data already being collected through the system, Synergy CMS can predict the most efficient way to allocate staff resources by taking into consideration the assigned workload of each judicial officer and their past performance in handling specific types of cases. The past performance rate is calculated based on over 50 different criteria that provide a performance score which, within a statistical margin of error, can anticipate future performance.

Synergy Case Management System enables governments to improve their justice systems by automating court processes, monitoring case activities, and supporting decision-making through the use of real-time data and analytics. It also strengthens the accessibility and integrity of the justice system by enabling citizens to interface electronically with judicial bodies and services.

Synergy’s advances in machine learning and predictive analysis will continue to ensure that Synergy CMS is leading the way in advanced court automation.