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Justice System

An effective and transparent justice system is essential for a just and harmonious society.

From investigation and prosecuting agencies to courts and corrections, justice agencies are increasingly using digital tools to help them overcome challenges facing the legal system including limited resources, huge backlogs, overuse of paper, lack of transparency, and poor communication with the public.

Digital justice delivers rapid value to government institutions and the communities they serve. It offers improved access to justice services through online tools, such as automated processes and virtual hearings, and provides increased transparency by making information more accessible.


Digital justice allows you to end unnecessary delays and streamline case management workflows to support the investigation cycle, from crime reporting to evidence processing and intelligence analysis.


No more fragmented data and paper overuse. With the right technology and optimized processes, you can focus on core activities, from pretrial to trial and sentencing, and effectively manage your caseload while reducing paperwork and eliminating case delays.


Integrating all courts under one tech umbrella helps that you efficiently handle cases from initiation to post-disposition. Reduce case backlog, speed up case disposition, improve adjudication while providing a more accessible public service.


Digital tools enable agencies to share intelligence and collaborate on decisions while enhancing continuity to help break the cycle of recidivism. This brings together prisons, community corrections, courts, and other agencies to ultimately provide public safety. 

Synergy Case Management System

Synergy Case Management System helps justice sector institutions handle cases more efficiently and ensures due process and equal access to justice. It can be rapidly customized to meet any type of case management need and manage virtually all kinds of process automation scenarios – from criminal investigations to prosecuting agencies, courts, and corrections.

Synergy’s technological edge is complemented by a pool of CMS subject matter experts who skillfully translate client requirements into well-designed workflow diagrams, operational prototypes, and first-rate end products.

Synergy Integrated Case Management System

Our Impact

Faster Case Processing

3.4 months instead

of 7 months

Reduced Case Backlog

from 42% to 23% 

Easier Access to Justice

100% e-filing rate

26% filing rate increase


Reduced Adjournments

from 29.78% to 11.31%

Judiciary Performance Management

Synergy provides a judiciary performance measurement and management solution that combines case statistics with staff performance assessments. This allows you to understand how you are performing against predefined targets and strategic plans.

From monitoring the progress of the strategic plan, to tracking budget allocation and execution, and evaluating staff performance per assigned milestone or task, the Synergy Judiciary Performance Management System is a great tool for learning and identifying the areas where budget or human resources need to be directed to achieve a greater impact.

Judiciary Performance Management System
Busingye Johnston

“When we met Synergy and realized they could live our IT dream with us, we did not look back and we have no regret. To our public who trust us, our partners who provide resources, colleagues and institutions in government who support us, IT friends, A BIG THANK YOU!”

Busingye JohnstonMinister of Justice, Rwanda

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