Moving from paper-based case filing to
automation of the entire case lifecycle


Track, process,
and report on
court cases



An effective and transparent judicial system is a vital condition for a just and harmonious society. The advance of technology enables governments to leapfrog past technological pitfalls, particularly the burdensome and time-consuming process of traditional case filing and management.

Online systems for legal case automation are an increasingly important aspect of judicial reform in many developing countries. This is because traditional paper-based case filing systems often result in poor record keeping, slow case processing, and difficulty in tracking court activities.
Synergy’s advanced legal Case Management Systems (CMS) provide a secure and internationally-proven solution which helps justice sector institutions to handle legal cases more efficiently and improves citizens’ access to justice.

Rule of Law
Case Management System

Like all Synergy products, our legal case management systems provide advanced analytical tools so that judicial authorities can drill down into individual cases and track their overall performance.

We’ve rapidly developed and successfully implemented high-profile CMS systems for courts in some of the world’s most challenging environments thanks to the combination of flexible and easy-to-use software, context-sensitive capacity building and our robust network of effective local partners.

The High Court of Lesotho
“The CMS is an essential tool for modernizing the courts. It allows us to monitor the efficiency of our staff and review and improve our business processes.”
The High Court of Lesotho

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