Case Management

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Case Management

The quality of the public services that government organizations deliver to citizens is largely judged by how accurately, consistently, and fairly those organizations process citizen cases, claims, and transactions.  Everything from courts to business registration involves the challenging work of case management — that is, the life cycle from initiation to completion of a given case or transaction between a service provider and the public.

Manual case management almost always results in inefficient and unsatisfactory service delivery, which in turn diminishes the trust and confidence recipients place in service delivery organizations.

Against this backdrop, service delivery organizations are increasingly seeking to adopt web-based case management software tools to improve their internal case management and collaboration capabilities and their external interaction with citizens or customers.

Justice Case Management

All justice sector activities, from law enforcement, to prosecuting cases, hearing cases, and executing judgments, involves the challenging work of case management. Easy access to and management of all relevant case information makes it easier to resolve legal proceedings in a timely, cost-effective, and reliable manner. Increasingly, justice system agencies seek to use technology to support case management. These software solutions, if used appropriately and intelligently, help improve internal operations and external interactions with citizens. They also inform decision-making with data and analytics.

From conventional to modern, from paper-based to digital, enhanced case management processes have an overarching purpose – to achieve sustainable impact and improve people’s lives.

Synergy Case Management System

Synergy Case Management System provides a single, consolidated case management screen. This includes all relevant case details, activities, associated documents, and notes. Addressing the need for effective caseflow management, we provide a complete set of features that includes online data entry, analytics, reporting, workflow management, and system administration.

This technological edge is complemented by a pool of CMS subject matter experts who skillfully translate client requirements into well-designed workflow diagrams, operational prototypes, and first-rate end products.

Synergy possesses extensive experience in delivering functional and innovative case management solutions worldwide, including, among others, justice system agencies. Today, our product helps improve justice systems across the globe, facilitating access to justice for everyone no matter where they are.

case management system

Key Benefits

Improved Efficiency

Benefit from automated workflows that guide users through daily activities and notify them of pending actions, improving overall efficiency.

Improved Record Keeping

Automate and streamline manual procedures to enhance record-keeping and reduce delays and case backlogs.

Decision Support

Take advantage of diverse analytical performance reports and detailed case audit trails for informed decisions and better resource allocation.

Interagency Data Integration

Connect agencies and institutions seamlessly, improving communication and reducing the likelihood of delays and processing errors.

Busingye Johnston

“When we met Synergy and realized they could live our IT dream with us, we did not look back and we have no regret. To our public who trust us, our partners who provide resources, colleagues and institutions in government who support us, IT friends, A BIG THANK YOU!”

Busingye JohnstonMinister of Justice, Rwanda

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