Case Management



Process the full lifecycle of citizen
cases, claims, and transactions

Case Management

The quality of the public services that government organizations deliver to citizens is largely judged by how accurately, consistently, and fairly those organizations process citizen cases, claims, and transactions.  Everything from judicial courts to business registration involves the challenging work of case management—that is, the lifecycle from initiation to completion of a given case or transaction between a service provider and citizens or customers.

Given its inherent complexity, case management becomes even more complex in the absence automated tools for processing forms, documents, reports, and supporting information. Manual case management almost always results in inefficient and unsatisfactory service delivery, which in turn diminishes the trust and confidence recipients place in service delivery organizations.

Against this backdrop, service delivery organizations are increasingly seeking to adopt web-based case management software tools to improve their internal case management and collaboration capabilities and their external interaction with citizens and customers.

Synergy possesses extensive experience in delivering functional and innovative case management systems (CMS) to public sector organizations worldwide, including, among others, judicial bodies and business registration agencies.

As a result of this experience, Synergy offers a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Case Management System (CMS) that can be rapidly customized to meet any type of case management business need and manage virtually all kinds of business process automation scenarios. This technological edge is complemented by a pool of CMS subject matter experts who skillfully translate client requirements into well-designed workflow diagrams, operational prototypes, and first-rate end products.

Case Management System

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