Coronavirus Pandemic Response dimarkwd June 16, 2022

Coronavirus Pandemic Response

Helping Governments Assess & Address Nation-Wide Needs in the Fight Against the Pandemic

To mitigate the socioeconomic impact of the pandemic crisis, governments must act swiftly and effectively to strengthen national social protection systems, make public health systems more resilient, and track the progress of emergency and longer-term response efforts.

If you are a government agency, a nonprofit organization, or an international development agency responding to the pandemic crisis and its aftermath, we stand ready to support you in any of the following three areas.

Delivering Social Assistance in Response to the Pandemic Crisis

Governments are under enormous pressure to protect vulnerable segments of society from socioeconomic distress caused by the pandemic. They must act quickly to strengthen or expand social protection programs and to provide social assistance to those in need.

Technology can play a pivotal role here. Synergy Auxilium, a social protection information system, is a software purposely designed to help governments manage social protection programs effectively.

In response to the current crisis, the Ministry of Social Services & Urban Development of the Bahamas partnered with Synergy to set up an online system that enables people who lost their jobs in the tourism industry to apply for an emergency COVID-19 food voucher.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Synergy has developed a new software product designed to help governments assess and address nation-wide needs for medical equipment and supplies in the fight against the pandemic.

Known as the National Pandemic Response Tracker, this software enables the lead government agency to determine needs for such things as personal protective equipment (PPE) based on requests by ministries and sub-national governments, manage the funding, procurement, and distribution of supplies, and gain a real-time picture of needs and supplies across the country.

We are deploying the software in Armenia in partnership with the government and with the support of the European Union, the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office, and the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP).

Managing Nation-Wide Needs and Supplies in the Fight against the Pandemic

Tracking Impact toward the Pandemic Response and Future Resilience

Synergy Indicata is a leading software used by governments and nonprofits to track the results of their programs. Amid this unprecedented crisis, governments and nonprofits can adopt Indicata to manage their portfolio of pandemic projects or grants and measure their impact on the fight against the coronavirus and its aftermath.

Conceived purposely to serve the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) needs of the public and nonprofit sectors, Indicata can be tailored to a specific organization and rapidly deployed to support emergency efforts.