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Software Development

We are a nimble and creative company that delivers projects on time and on budget, even when projects are big and complex. We are laser-focused on client satisfaction. We succeed because of our combination of people, methodology, and technology.


For every project, we assemble a cross-functional team of talented and hard-working specialists who devote themselves to bringing the client’s vision to reality. A project team can include a project manager, a systems analyst, domain experts, trainers, developers, database administrators, and quality assurance specialists.


We are avid practitioners of agile software development. We love to rapidly prototype, closely collaborate with and solicit feedback from the client throughout the development process, and continually adapt to evolving requirements. Thanks to this methodology, we can ensure maximum fit between the final product and the client’s needs.


Synergy’s IDM technology platform is the unifying core behind our suite of products. Because IDM is a customizable off-the-shelf platform, we develop sophisticated enterprise systems in a fast, cost-effective, and proven way.


We provide consulting services to help you refine your requirements, strengthen your capacities, and derive maximum value from your Synergy system.

Having worked for two decades at the intersection of IT and international development, we have acquired deep, field-tested expertise that allows us to share with you best practices throughout the implementation process.

Our consultants have domain expertise in such areas as monitoring & evaluation and development effectiveness, and also in cross-cutting areas such as IT capacity development, organizational strategy, and data management.


Enterprise software only succeeds if it is operated by proficient users. Recognizing the importance of training and capacity development, we give our clients the knowledge and skills so they can manage their system on their own.

In every project, we devise a tailored training strategy to suit the client’s specific context and needs. In general, we train both advanced users (administrators or “power users”) and the wider user community. We conduct in-person and remote trainings, and we also deliver administrator/user guides, video tutorials, and online Help features. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on trainings and training-of-trainers (TOT) workshops at client locations around the world or in our offices.


We are relentless when it comes to customer satisfaction. Thanks to our devoted technical support team, we provide comprehensive support and rapid response to our global clientele across all time zones. Our support services include software problem resolution, proactive server monitoring, database backup and maintenance, hosting, as well as change request implementation.


Synergy helps you save time and money by bringing our software applications together with third-party systems to streamline data flow, resolve information silos, minimize redundancy, and enable automated data exchange. We bring a deep understanding of the underlying business issues that should be addressed for an architecture-level initiative to be effective.

Synergy’s expert system analysts provide effective integration of applications by analyzing third-party systems and suggesting best solution of integration. Our flexible technology platform – IDM has an underlying interoperability layer that enables us to rapidly establish interfaces with institutional accounting software, FMIS databases, national ID databases, court registries, GIS systems, etc. to exchange data or validate the accuracy of information.