Rwanda Ministry of Justice to Organize International Conference on Case Management Systems, Showcasing Rwanda IECMS

An international conference titled “Role of Case Management Systems for Justice System Integration, Performance and Country Development” is to be organized in Kigali, Rwanda from June 11 to 13, 2019. The Rwanda Ministry of Justice is organizing the conference, in partnership with Synergy International Systems. Delegations from several countries from around the world will be attending the event.

The international conference will be providing a forum to showcase the Rwanda Integrated Electronic Case Management System (Rwanda IECMS). Moreover, the Rwanda Ministry of Justice states that the conference will serve as a platform demonstrating “Rwanda’s commitment to contribute to justice through sharing experience and best practices on the transformation of the worldwide judicial chain systems by the use of Information Technology”.

In the past years, Rwanda has implemented Rwanda IECMS, an automated judicial case processing and management system developed by Synergy International Systems, that is digitizing the country’s entire judicial chain from investigation to prosecution, adjudication and court decision implementation. Rwanda IECMS is accelerating judicial proceedings and contributing to transparency, accountability and equality before the law. In 2017, Rwanda IECMS was internationally recognized with the Top Ten Court Technology Solutions Award at the International Conference organized by the International Association for Court Administration (IACA).

“Rwandan justice sector’s digital achievement has been the implementation of IECMS, which was introduced in January 2016 to improve the provision of, and access to justice by reducing delays and transaction costs associated with judicial case processing and management through the whole justice chain, from the inception of a case to its final adjudication and court decision execution,” said Mr. Busingye Johnston, the Minister of Justice of Rwanda on May 15, 2019, at the Transform Africa Summit in Kigali.

“We are proud on how Rwanda IECMS has helped the country not only modernize its justice sector, but also contribute to its transformation into a regional IT hub. Through the use of tailor-made IECMS, Rwanda has the experience to show the world how Information technology is integral in achieving access to quality justice,” says Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, Synergy’s CEO and Founder.

The conference will include panel and open discussions, presentations, as well as field and site visits that will enable participants to witness the Rwanda IECMS in practice.